Organic Food
Organic Food

Why you should Buy Organic Food

What is organic food? Organic foods are those foods that have been cultivated or raised in the natural settings, no chemicals, additives, preservatives, insecticides and pesticides have attacked or influenced the food. In general, as these foods have been raised in a natural manner, therefore, these foods contain more nutrients and less harmful chemicals. Harmful chemicals present in inorganic food can cause several health problems and in recent years several diseases have been linked with the persistent use of inorganic food. Today due to an increase in the population around the world it has become difficult to cultivate fruits and vegetables and raise animals for meat in a natural way. In natural way there is less productivity and the time required to cultivate or raise an animal is greater as compared to that in inorganic manner. Due to the ease of cultivation inorganic or artificial production gained prominence but it has caused several health risks.

Difference between Organic and non organic food

Today organic food is available in the market like non organic food and one can choose easily. The difference between organic and non organic food is evident. Organic food is processed in a natural manner hence it has the following characteristics.

USDA Organic food
USDA Organic
  1. Farmers use natural products like compost  to cultivate organic fruits and vegetables, on the other hand, to cultivate non organic fruits and vegetables farmers use fertilizers that contain synthetic chemicals.
  2. No insecticides, pesticides or other weed killers are used to get rid of the insects pests or weeds. Instead natural insect and pest reduction techniques are used. Synthetic pesticides and insecticides contain harmful chemicals that can cause harm  to the vegetable, fruit or grain that has been cultivated.
  3. No additives, preservatives or artificial colors are used in the organic product. US department of agriculture strictly bans the use of additives in organic food.
  4. No growth hormones are injected into the animals or in the crops to increase the growth of the food.

A list of organic food that are worth buying

  1. Eggs: Eggs are one of the most important sources of protein and they  also  contains  healthy fats  and vitamins.  Organic eggs are thought to contain  more nutrients  and less unhealthy chemicals.  When hens are raised on dairy farms they are given artificial synthetic feed , the purpose is to raise the hens in a few days. In natural farms the hens take great time  to grow and they are raised on natural feed.
  2. Milk: Milk contains casein which is one of the most essential amino acid, it is also a good source of calcium and phosphorous. These essential nutrients make milk one of the most important part of the daily diet. It has been reported that to increase the production of milk of the cows and goats hormonal injections are injected into these animals. These injections tend to increase the milk production but the quality of the milk is decreased.
  3. Butter: Natural and organic butter that is obtained from organic milk contains all the qualities of good fats and cholesterol. In margarine and non organic butter there is a large percentage of saturated fats and LDL cholesterol.
  4. Meat: Animals raised in farms usually grow up in less time as compared to those grown in natural settings. Organic meat is highly priced due to the nutritional quality of the meat. The cost of production of organic meat is high as compared to that of inorganic meat. No growth hormones are injected in organic livestock.
    Green and organic
    Organic vegetables
  5. Green leafy vegetables: Green leafy vegetables like spinach, kale and asparagus are a great source of many antioxidants and minerals. In inorganic fields vegetables are grown in the presence of chemical fertilizers, insecticides and pesticides. These chemicals can cause damage to the vegetables and their nutritional quality get effected.
  6. Potatoes: Have you ever wondered why potatoes do not taste that good as it tasted some years back, the reason is that the use of fertilizers and other chemical sprays ruin the nutritional quality of the potatoes.
  7. Other tender fruits and vegetables: Fruits and vegetables should be best bought from organic food stores, they will be high in price but good in quality.
  8. Grains like Wheat and wheat products: Wheat is the most used grain in the world, in Asian countries wheat is used to make bread as well as in the western world. Wheat products like bread and pasta are also available in organic form.
  9. Packaged food: Packaged food contain more chemicals than regular food because they contain additives in the form of preservatives and food colors. Organic packaged food are available in the market and it is clearly mentioned on the package that whether it is organic or inorganic.
  10. Baby food: Baby food should be free of chemicals and its better if you purchase organic baby food. Inorganic or non organic baby food contains many chemicals that are very harmful for health.



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