Why Market/Business Research?

Marketers know how important it is to do market research and what is its significance to their business. In today’s world, variety and change are the two words that describe market better than any other and the marketer needs to keep an eye on the competitors policies and consumers change perceptions and demands. The marketer needs to be proactive then reactive and has to bring something in market that the consumer will ask for or would love to have. This makes it impossible for a business to run without having ongoing research that informs them about not only the consumers but the competitors. There are many benefits of market research few of them are described below.

Market research helps

Decide what they should focus

Market research helps the businesses understand what should be there focus point. Without an ongoing market research companies loose the sight and vision that is needed and is compulsory for their growth. A focal point helps companies determine their primary and secondary policies. To understand their focal point they need to know consumers focal point and for that the best way is to conduct surveys.

Understand consumers thinking

The consumer is the king of every business and without consumers there is no business. Every company needs to understand consumers point of view to carry on its business to new heights. The consumer might have needs, demands or expectations that companies need to met in order to be successful. Consumer research especially consumer surveys are a very important part of marketing research. Market researchers ask questions form their target customers and from their feedback they evaluate how they can improve their brand, service or ideas.

Understand the future needs and work proactively

In modern world every business need to think proactively, gone are the days when companies had a reactive approach to needs and problems. Today there is a product in the market before the need arises this has both pros and cons as well. For example, many medicine companies think about the future needs of the consumers and keep developing medicines, devices, aids and tools that can help their consumers in the future. This has given rise to new treatments for even those ailments that were thought to be incurable. On the other hand, some businesses are bringing new products in the market that people do not need but it only develop and increase wants that should not be there.

Understand competitors policies: good ones and the bad ones

The market research is the only way to understand what competitor is thinking about and how to keep yourself abreast with the modern tools, technologies and means that he is utilizing. Market research also helps companies understand why some competing business failed to fulfill consumers requirement and failed.

Limit your risk

Market research also limit or reduce the risk involved in using new technologies, bringing new product in the market, changing companies strategies and/or changing the way they market a product. Market research helps companies understand where and when and how to target a product. It also tells why a product failed so not to go on a similar venture again or if you want to try a similar product again what changes you should make before marketing a similar product. This limits the risk in trying out anything new in your product.

Help you develop best strategy

Market research may help you develop or improve company’s strategy and avoid failed attempts. Market research will help the companies where to look for ideas and when to bring changes in your strategy.

In short, the aim of market research is to understand why, when, how, what, and where the consumer will buy your product. It studies human behavior and from there evaluates human psychological needs that defines consumers buying pattern. To conduct a market research the researcher aims to know who is their customer, why they will buy their product, when they will buy it and where and how they make their choices and last that what will be their needs in future that they can target.



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