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What are the reasons behind childhood obesity

Childhood obesity has become a common concern nowadays. You can find obese children everywhere from schools to parks, to shopping malls and streets. Health practitioners, researchers and parents are in constant effort to find a solution to this problem. Obesity leads to several other major problems in children. Obesity is so dangerous that it can even cause death. There can be one or more than one reasons behind obesity. Obesity can result from long term unhealthy lifestyle. Its reasons can also be genetic.


Obesity because of Fast food
Obesity because of Fast food By ebru (Flickr) [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
Diet is the most causative factor in childhood obesity. Unhealthy diet rich in saturated fats and LDL cholesterol can increase the risk of obesity to manifolds. Your child’s diet is in your hands  and you should motivate your child to eat healthy food. It is said that you are what you eat and it is always true. Fats are not the only nutrients that cause weight gain there are other nutrients that can increase your child’s risk of obesity. These nutrients include children’s much favorite sucrose and sodium. Sucrose is simply sugar and children love to eat sugary snacks and sugary desserts while sodium is a mineral that is high in junk and packaged foods. Sodium slows down the metabolism and decreases the chances of weight loss. Sugar is high in calories and it can  increase the risks of obesity as well as dental and heart problems. A diet that is rich in fats, sodium and sugar is always low in minerals, protein, vitamins, fiber and antioxidants. Parents should understand the requirement of their children and should adopt a diet accordingly.

Couch potato attitude of your kid is also one of the prominent reasons behind obesity. We love to see our cuddly, lovable, plump kid sitting all the day in front of that idiot box on weekends. While they concentrate on their favorite cartoon movie they do not make any mess  and we became satisfied. This silence  is actually a sign of storm that is going to come into their lives. Would you like to see your kid looking most tubby and buxom in the group of his friends. Simple no would be your answer. So if you do not want to make your child obese then you should not let your child sit in front of tv for a long time. Rather than sitting in front of tv ask him  to involve in some physical  activity. Children should be encouraged to involve in lots of physical outdoor games rather  than sitting and playing indoor games.

Fast Food Alt
Fast Food Caption By Tk420 (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons
Some of the latest technologies have also reduced children’s activity time. Children love to play their favorite games  on their laptops, iPhones, mobiles and on the PSP. The trend towards these technologies has reduced children’s craze  for going out and playing games  with their friends, these gadgets occupy children so much that they even forget about time. Vision problems and obesity has become exceedingly common due to these technologies. Outdoor games have been  neglected for a long time but today there is great need of returning back to old simple lifestyle.

Around the world the most growing reasons behind obesity is genetic as girls and boys of generation Y got married and give birth to children they faced problems of obesity because a large percentage of generation Y is obese. Their children inherited obesity from them and as they are living in the least organic environment they are at the greatest risk of becoming obese. Around the world genetic obesity has become a common concern. These genetically obese children are also at greater risk of developing type II diabetes. Genetic obesity, type II diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and some other chronic diseases are one of the major causes  of childhood death in USA.





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