Types of Research Objectives

Research objectives

There are two types of research objectives; primary and secondary objectives. Research objectives describe what the researcher wants to achieve from the research/study. They are formulated after the research problem is finalized. They provide meaning and defines the research to the readers. Their purpose is to find answers to the research problem.

The importance of research objectives

  • They define the research since it provides meaning to the research.  
  • A research is meaningless without research objectives as is the same for any other task.
  • They aid in the formulation of hypothesis.
  • They are a guideline on which the researcher conducts the study. In every step of research, the researcher uses objectives to be more specific.
  • It also helps in narrowing down the research and provides a focal point.
  • The development of research methodology also depends on them.
  • They also guide to the conduction of a valid and reliable research study.
  • They also summarize the research to the readers and to the researcher. The researcher and the reader know by reading the research objectives what the author wants to accomplish.
  • It also saves the time of the researcher because he/she avoids collection of unnecessary data.
  • They also provide a step-by-step guideline that makes the research well-planned and sequential.

Types of research objectives

There are two types of research objectives, namely, general objectives and specific objectives. Some researchers use the terms primary objectives and secondary objectives regardless of the name the purpose is same. Primary objectives are same as specific objectives while secondary objectives ar same as general objectives. Not every research has secondary or general objectives but every research has a specific objective.

General objectives

General or secondary objectives provide a detailed view of the aims of the study. They provide a general overview of the study usually, there is one general objective in each study.

Specific objectives

The specific or broad objectives define what is the main aim of the study. There can be many specific objectives because every “what”, “where” and “how” of the research should;d be provided in the specific objectives. The specific objective is the essence of the study and it gives the main idea since they provide focus to the study.


Research objectives are formulated to find answers to the research question. There are two types of research objectives; general objectives and specific objectives. They define the research and make the research valid and reliable because the research becomes focused with research objectives.


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