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Tips for Conducting an Interview in Research

An interview is an in-depth inquiry and to conduct it properly one should be well aware of its mechanics. Here are a few tips for conducting an interview in research. To read about how to conduct an interview read my article that deals with the details about the structured and unstructured interviews. Prepare your questions Getting fully prepared for the …

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Close-ended Questions in Survey Research


In survey research, close-ended questions and open-ended questions are the two basic ways to design questionnaires and interviews. Close-ended questions like the name suggest are the ones that provide some limits to the audience to answer the questions or record the responses as in the questionnaire. In the questionnaire, the researcher provides some options for each question and in the …

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Difference Between Structured and Unstructured Interviews


The interviews in research are classified as structured and unstructured interviews. An interview is the most commonly used method of recording responses from the respondents in social science research. The interview is a primary source of data collection in research. Interviews can be formal or informal and they can be rigid or flexible depending on the purpose of the interview. …

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