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10 foods you must avoid to lose weight

Food to Avoid

I am quite afraid of gaining weight, weight loss is a cumbersome task, obesity is far more dangerous for your health than being a little overweight. This article is for all those people who are either obese or who do not want to be obese. Current statistics reveal that the rate of obesity is increasing manifold around the world. The …

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Parental advise: How to prevent obesity in children

Children are more prone to weight gain than adults. There are many reasons for increased children obesity statistics and some of these reasons include poor diet and lack of activity. These are not the only reasons behind obesity and one should also understand the uncommon reasons that can also cause obesity. Statistics say that one in every 7 children is …

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Tips for making the best snacks for obese children at home

Obesity leads you into trouble as what to give to your children and what to not. You need to avoid all those fried, sugary and refined food that your child loves to eat. You should give only homemade snacks to your children. In homemade snacks try to use as much healthy ingredients as possible. There are lists of healthy food …

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