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Step-by-Step of Writing a Good Essay

Essay Writing

Essay writing is one of the major part of academic education. Essay and essay writing is done in different stages of academic life. Essay writing is also done in postgraduate studies and scholars have to write essay papers too. Essay papers are like essays but they are more specific and they require great research, analysis and explanation. This article will help the students write both simple essays and essay papers. To write a good essay the student should know the rules or steps of writing essays. There are also sample essays available on internet these samples help the students get some idea about the structure of essays. The students should read essay examples but they should try to develop their own style rather than following other people’s work.
Essay writing can be done easily if you know the steps involved in essay writing. These steps ensure 50 % success of your essay. You should follow these steps and you will be able to get out of any trouble that you feel in writing essays. You do not need to worry about the essay topic rather you should become logical and in less time you will get great results.

Steps to writing essays

Essay writing is like writing anything else. Essay writing is usually done in the form of prose but sometimes essays are written in the form of poetry. To write a good essay you have to follow similar rules that you adopt when you write anything else. You need to do lots of research and brainstorming. In the end you will be able to write a great essay.

Step 1:

Understanding the nature of your topic

When youa re given a topic to write an essay you should know the nature of your topic. Your teacher might give you essay writing topic or topics like essay on pollution or essay on global warming, these topics are general and you can write great amount of literature on these topics. Your topic can be more specific like writing essay on the environmental pollution in USA. You have to know whether you have to give a general overview of the topic or a specific nature of the topic. Specific topics require more research but they are easy to write because you have to write whatever comes related to your topic. General topics are easy to research but when you have to write down the essay you become more confused since you need to narrow down and you are not given any guideline by your teacher to narrow it down.

Step 2:


Research is the next step to essay writing. It is the most important step of essay writing. You need to do lots of research regardless of whether you know the topic and its nature or you do not know the topic. Research is vital for the success of your topic because it helps you know trends, ideas and the nature of your topic. Suppose your teacher has given you a topic like writing essay on terrorism around the globe, now you need to research the trends of terrorism. This will help you in

Step 3:

Brainstorming ideas

When you are done with the research of your topic you are in a position to brainstorm points that can be elaborated in the essay. You should use a page and pen to write down whatever comes in your mind. Some of these points might seem unimportant at the moment but as you will analyze these points you will be able to make better essay structure. The classic method of brainstorming is that you should make a circle and write down the topic in the middle of this circle, now arrow each point that comes into your mind from the circle. In this way you will be able to make many points.

Step 4:

Analyzing points

In this step you will be able to analyze, dissect and synthesize points to make an outline. Analyze the points that you have made through brainstorming. You should omit all those points that you think are unnecessary and include those points that are important and that need to be elaborated. You should also make well-defined points that are specific in nature and can be explained well.

Step 5:

Making topic sentence

In every essay there is a topic sentence, a topic sentence is one that describes the overall theme of the essay. A topic sentence or thesis statement of the essay is the essence of the whole essay. You cannot take any sentence as topic sentence. This sentence should have to be the most important sentence in the essay. A sentence that readers can easily distinguish from other sentences. This sentence is usually added in the first paragraph of the essay-the introduction. You can add this sentence at any place in the paragraph, it depends on how you compose the paragraph. You can add it in the beginning of the essay, in the middle or in the end. This statement or sentence is very important because readers will assess what you are going to say in the essay from this sentence.

Step 6:

Making an outline

The outline of the essay is like an outline of a story or an outline of any other piece of writing. You have to compile the essay in this outline. When you will start writing the essay you will be able to make an organized essay. Without outline you can write a haphazard essay, that will be a complete failure. This is the time when you ahve to organize your points into a singularity. The outline needs not be very detailed but it should tell you how you are going to write the essay. What youa re going to write first and what will follow it. An outlineis an aid to essay writing.

Step 7:

Writing Introduction

In this step you are actually going to start writing the essay. You can write introduction first or else you can write the body and then write the introduction. Writing introduction in the beginning is better becasue you get some motivation that you have done a great job.

Step 8:


The body of the essay is the biggest part of the essay. The body includes several paragraphs. In each paragraph you describe a single point, you should not describe more than one point in a paragraph or else do not try to explain a single point in two paragraphs. One point in one paragraph is the rule and this gives a neat and well organized look to your essay. In each paragraph you should write a main sentence, some examples, and description or explanation of the examples. A paragraph can be of any length and you should not worry if one paragraph is bigger than the other. You should read the rules of paragraph writing if you want to get detailed overview of the paragraphs in essays.

Step 9:


The last step in writing an essay is to write down the conclusion. The conclusion is should have to be creatively written and it should summarize the whole esssay. It should be something that concludes your essay well, for example, if your essay is about writing your opinion on any topic you should conclude the essay by stating your opinion on that topic. Otherwise you should write a neutral conclusion. The conclusion should have to be decent in language, concisely explained and precisely written.

Step 10:

Revising essay

You should also revise your essay once you are done with all the steps. It is better to write a rough draft so that you can make any changesif there are any mistakes or chances of improvements. While revising essay check spelling mistakes or grammatical errors and correct them. Proper puctuation, proper use of articles and other grammar is important. To understand essay writing more precisely you can download essay writing examples from internet, sample essay will help you understand the rule sof essay writing in a better manner.



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