Research Paper Topics to Avoid

The students should have knowledge of what research paper topics to avoid and what are most favorable. There are certain topics that are not suitable for any research paper and knowing about them will help you better select your topic. Below is a list of the types of research paper topics to avoid by the students.

Avoid research topics that are

Insignificant to the audience

When a student writes a research paper he/she has a target audience who will benefit from the findings or who will read it. The student should know that his topic will be significant to that audience. Significance is very basic thing to every research because every research is weighed on how much significant it is for people. A research paper cannot be written plainly because it is an interesting topic or it is easy to write a research paper on that topic.

Lacks your interest or will not hold your interest for long

There are certain topics that can be made into good research paper but they do not interest you at all. Selecting a topic that is uninteresting to you will make the whole process of writing a research paper more difficult. In case your teacher assigns a topic to you and it does not interest you, you can think about ways in which you can make an uninteresting topic interesting to you.

Only have few sources to get information

Sources are important in the writing of a research paper, you have to collect information from these sources. In case you have only few sources available for your topic critical evaluation of your topic will become difficult. You will rely on the few available sources and this will result in repetition of ideas.

Unmanageable and do not easily lend themselves to be narrowed

There are certain topics that are very broad and it is very difficult to narrow them down such topics become difficult to manage by the students. You might feel like you will manage it but as the process will start you will feel that it becomes lengthy and will not be able to complete in the given time. A broad topic is not only difficult to manage in a research paper but it also creates several dimensions in the research which are difficult to explore in one small research paper.

Usual and have been overly worked by others

There are certain topics that loose their uniqueness because lots of students have already worked on it. A topic that has been overly worked might interest you but it will be least interesting for the audience especially your instructor.


Controversial topics can bring out debate in the class or outside the class and will make things difficult for you to manage. They can also become a reason to hurt someones feelings.

Emotionally linked to someone

Some topics might be linked emotionally to someone in the class or outside the class. You might feel interested in a very emotional topic but then you have to be very careful that you do not hurt the emotions of anyone. Sometimes when students select a very emotional topic for their research paper they become biased in its conclusion so as not to hurt someones feeling. It is better therefore to avoid such topics.

Unsuitable to the audience

Some topics are not suitable to the audience of your research paper. Like a topic that is very technical or overly sensitive to your class is not a suitable topic for your research paper. A topic that is not suitable for your audience for any reason will create lack of interest in the class while you are presenting it. This will not be a good choice for your research paper.

Beyond scientific understanding

Some topics like the ones related to theology are beyond the scope of scientific knowledge, you might be curious about one such topic but it will have no end result.

Too technical for you to write

Your technical understanding of the topic also matters. Your instructor and other people who know about your topic will be there to help you with that topic but your own basic knowledge about that topic is mandatory to writing research paper.

Already done by you for another instructor or class

You can write a research paper on a single topic for two different instructors but it will be difficult o do the justice. You will repeat your ideas and sources which will losse the uniqueness of each research paper.

In short, you should keep in mind that to write a research paper you will be given a limited time and you have to do it all by yourself. You can get help from others but in the end writing the research paper is your job and you have to do it all by yourself. So choose a practical topic and narrow it down so that you can manage it in the given time. Think about your interests before choosing a topic but also keep in mind that if the topic that interests you is not a practical topic then definitely it is not a good topic for your research paper. Choose your topic but while finalizing depend on your instructor because she can guide you from her experience that you do not have.


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