Research Methodology
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What is Research Methodology

The research methodology is taught as a supporting subject in most of the disciplines, the purpose is to acquaint the students with the research terminology, techniques, methods and process. The students need to apply these techniques in the future or current research projects. Throughout the academic career students are taught about how to conduct research but in graduate programmes the formal education of research is necessary because in most of the disciplines students prepare a research work before they get graduated. When a student conducts  a research he should be familiar with the basic research methodology. There can be many advanced concepts and techniques that the student is not familiar with, but he should at least know the basics of research methodology. For advanced concepts and techniques, he can get assistance from senior researchers in his field, teachers, research advisors or statistician.

 Research Paradigm

Beginning with the research the researcher should know which paradigm his research fits in best. He/she can get assistance from senior researchers in his field to decide about the research paradigm: qualitative or quantitative. Most of the research in pure sciences can be done using quantitative research methodology. Qualitative research methodology can be used along with the quantitative research methodology to make the research more reliable and authentic. In behavioral sciences, most of the research are done using qualitative research methodology but quantitative research methodology can also be supplemented in order to improve the reliability of the research. It depends on the research topic, purpose and objectives, which research methodology you use in your research. Kumar, in his book states that it is the objectives of the study that defines which research approach you should use in your research: qualitative or quantitative, but in real life most of the research are a combination of both approaches.

Application of theoretical knowledge 

The research methodology will teach the students basic theoretical knowledge, but the student can easily apply this knowledge in his practical research because sound theoretical knowledge is necessary for undertaking a research study.

Purpose of studying research methodology 

A student of research methodology should know that every research requires a greater degree of reliability, authenticity, validity, rigor and control to make it scientific and empirical. The students should make their research process as close to natural as possible. The purpose of studying research methodology, should not only be to know the techniques and procedures but to learn how to make research reliable and valid. Anonymous in his book Research Methodology stated that the purpose of research is to find answers to questions through the application of scientific procedures. The main aim of research is to find out truth which is hidden and which has not been discovered as yet.


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