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Dentistry is a vast field, there are various sub-branches each has its own significance. This article aims at providing a general overview of the current topics for research articles in dentistry. For a specific research topic on dentistry, you need to review all of the possibilities that you have related to your specialty in the dentistry.

Research articles in dentistry: 

Dentistry Field
Dentistry Field

To better understand the research topics in dentistry we must first look at the fields of dentistry and then analyze the topics.

Pediatric Dentistry is the branch of dentistry that deals with the children dental problems. Dental problems in children are rapidly growing and there is more demand of the pediatric dentists now than ever before. There are various current issues that can be studied, for example:

  • Considerations for dental surgery in children with severe anemia
  • Dental problems in children with cerebral palsy
  • Flouride toothpaste safety issue for younger children
  • The environmental factors overview leading to dental caries in children
  • The genetic factors overview leading to dental caries in children
  • Time of eruption of permanent teeth in children and its significance
  • The impact of food size and munching on dental health in children

Orthodontics is the field of dentistry that deals with the straightening of teeth

  • An overview of the pain controls techniques in orthodontics
  • Precision, reproducibility, and accuracy of different orthodontics techniques
  • A comparative study between currently used methods and small-volume tomography for surgical procedures

Endodontics is the field that deals with the study of root canal therapy

  • Contamination control in the analysis of root canal samples

Prosthodontics is the study of dental bridges, and dentures

Special needs dentistry deals with the dental issues of kids and adults who are undergoing any special need in our society.

  • Dental hygiene issues in down syndrome children
  • Chemotherapy: Its impact on and the hygiene of your mouth
  •  How dentists can ensure better dental health during chemotherapy
  • Practical oral care for adults with developmental disabilities

Veterinary dentistry

  •  Signs of oral and dental disease in cats and dogs
  • Plaque and tartar control in pets
  • Pros and cons of anesthesia and anesthesia-free dental procedures in dogs
  • A complete overview of the dental care of pets at home

Dental Anesthesiology deals with the dental procedures that require general anesthesia, local anesthesia or sedation of the patient. It also includes pain management before and after the surgical procedures.

  • Risk factors in giving general anesthesia during dental surgeries
  • Ethical principles in clinical dental research involving human subjects
  • Considerations in computer-controlled dental surgeries
  • Current trends in the drugs used in sedation in dental surgeries

Cosmetic dentistry

  • The pros and cons of different methods of removing discoloration from teeth
  • Treatment options for repairing chips or rough spots to match other teeth
  • Importance of continued education in cosmetic dentistry
  • Recent trends in cosmetic dentistry
  • How to understand the dental customer and his requirements as a dentist and as a person



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