Topics on Psychology Research
Topics on Psychology Research

Sample Psychology Research Paper Topics

Research Paper Topics: How to begin

Some students find it easier to go through plenty of topics and brainstorm more and more ideas before deciding the final research paper topic. There are other students who prefer to select the first topic that came to their mind. The selection of the research paper topic, however, requires some thought and some paperwork before reaching any conclusion.

Here in this article, you will find some good ideas about psychology research paper topics that can be adopted according to your research needs. These research paper topics are just exemplary and they can help you brainstorm more topics and finally select the one that is most suitable. This article will only provide some topics for psychology research paper, in order to read about how to formulate a research paper topic, you can read the following articles.

What is a Good Research Question

Sample Research Topics for Different Fields

The Importance of Formulating a Research Problem

Steps in The Formulation of The Research Problem

Research paper topics for psychology students

Within psychology, there are various fields like behavioral psychology, child psychology and so on. Finding the best research papers topics for psychology means finding  topics that are related to your field of psychology. You can select some research paper topics from below list that are relevant to your field or subject area. You can also take this list as an example to think about more topics and ideas.

The field of psychology that you deal with can be anyone like, abnormal psychology, child psychology, adolescence psychology, behavioral psychology, developmental psychology, cognitive psychology, social psychology, and so on. Here in this article we will give some examples from each field of psychology for students.

Abnormal psychology

Abnormal psychology deals with the medical conditions that result from abnormal psychological conditions. The disorders and the minor mental conditions are studied in abnormal psychology. There can be various topics on which you can do research. You can select a recent issue that is getting popularity from your society or worldwide, secondly, you can select a topic that is not of current importance but is worth having a study.

Abnormal mental disorders


Mental retardation


Adolescence psychology

Adolescence psychology is related to the psychological changes that occur in the time of puberty in girls and boys. It also deals with the adolescence crimes, also known as juvenile delinquency. In this field of psychology, you can choose a current issue or topic, such research will be very beneficial for the society.





Peer influence


Behavioral psychology

Behavioral psychology deals with the behavioral issues of human beings.

Behavioral problems





Child psychology

In child psychology, the research paper topics can be many and varied, the research paper topics mentioned here are as follows.


Birth order




Cognitive psychology

Cognitive psychology is all about the mental conditions and mental development of human beings. Today there are several physical conditions that occur as a result of mental disorders, so there are endless options to do research.





Developmental psychology

The developmental psychology deals with the early development of the human being from conception and so on. It focuses on every kind of development like social. emotional, physical and cognitive.

Developmental delays in children

Speech retardedness

Poor gait

Cerebral palsy and the development of the child

Autism and the societal pressures

Social psychology

Social psychology studies the social development of the human beings from early life till death.

Idea of self


Communication problems







Peer influence





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  1. Writing a research paper in psychology involves a lot of reading as well as field work — therefore, the topic chosen becomes utmost important. Can anyone pls help me to get a sample of psychology research paper ?

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