Parental advise: How to prevent obesity in children

Children are more prone to weight gain than adults. There are many reasons for increased children obesity statistics and some of these reasons include poor diet and lack of activity. These are not the only reasons behind obesity and one should also understand the uncommon reasons that can also cause obesity. Statistics say that one in every 7 children is obese and 1 in every 5 children is at risk of becoming obese. It is not easy to get rid of obesity. It needs lots of patience and effort to get back to normal weight.

Here are some handy tips to lose weight for obese children.

  1. Your first step should be to bring change in the whole family routine rather than imposing a change for your child only.
  2. Discuss with your family positive changes that you can make to fight obesity.
  3. Make a plan and strictly follow  it.
  4. The involvement of your children is necessary in your plan. When they will get involved they will feel more positive to the plan and will become more responsible in obeying the plan.
  5. Ask your children to get involved in household activities. Encourage physical activities at home.
  6. When it comes to giving rewards do not give chocolates, sweets or other  eatables as a gift rather take them to their favorite park or zoo. In this way they will enjoy and shed weight too.
  7. Your last big meal should be taken before 7:00 pm and after this time only give very light food to your children. Milk and honey are the best thing after dinner .
  8. Take heavy fatty food in breakfast and as the day advances decrease the amount of fat in your child’s diet.
  9. Give homemade snacks for your children for school time. Homemade snacks are healthy and safe for children.
  10. Reduce the consumption of junk food to a minimum.
  11. Ask children to eat with the family members at the table rather than eating alone. This ensures that you can  see what he/she is eating  and your children will eat healthy food in this way.
  12. Develop a positive attitude in your children, their positive attitude will help them adopt positive lifestyle.
  13. Do not let children eat in front of television as children eat unnecessary amount of food while watching television.
  14. Encourage children to chew food well in this way they will digest food easily and they will eat less. When children eat with proper chewing their stomach sends messages to the brain early that it is full and there is no need to eat more. On the other hand when children eat fast without chewing they do not understand how much they have eaten and they eat more.
  15. In grocery bring only healthy food and do not purchase unhealthy junk, processed and packaged food.
  16. Turn towards an organic lifestyle that is closer to nature.
  17. Discuss with your child’s problems they can face in life due to obesity and encourage them to lose weight in order to pass a happy life in the future.
  18. Be friendly with your children so that they can share with you their problems and concerns.



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