Kinds of Research

There are various kinds of research and they are classified in those classes on the basis of their application and usage.

Pure research

The aim of the pure or basic research is to find knowledge for the sake of further knowledge that can then be applied to the general audience. The findings of pure research cannot be applied to the general population immediately but it helps in conducting further applied research in that particular field. Pure research is also not commercial in nature rather it is a scientists or professional persons curiosity that leads him to conduct such a research. Pure research can take several years to yield results but the results are aimed to improve human knowledge about that particular field. Pure research is done in laboratories or in large research centers.

Applied research

The purpose of an applied research is to solve an immediate problem or in other words applied research is more related and concerned with the current situation in a particular field. It is therefore called applied research the aim is to apply the findings in present situation. Everyday problems can be solved by conducting applied research. The researcher uses the scientific inventions that are done by the pure scientists in the laboratories to modify current techniques and procedures.

Technical Research

Technical research is an applied research that is done in the field for the improvement of the businesses. Different design and procedure improvements can be made with the help of technical research.

Market research

Market research is carried on by the business, marketing, merchandising, and sales people. Big organizations carry on marketing research on regular basis in order to find out about their product. Market research can help the organizations understand about their products, ideas or services. It helps them identify the problem areas that are a hindrance in the sales of their product or products. It also help them understand the needs and requirements of the target audience, also why they choose your product or on the other hand prefer competitors product over yours. It can also be a proactive approach from the organization to find audience and cater to their needs. It will also help you understand the buying trends among your target audience or the marketing trends of the competitor organizations. Today there is such a heavy competition among businesses that change is necessary. In short, an all time market research is crucial for the success and sustainability of the business.

Scholarly research

Scholarly research is the vast amount of research that is undergoing, undergone and will under go in future in different educational institutions around the world. The scholarly research is done by experts in their fields and the aim is to find out facts and apply it for the betterment and improvement of a particular field of life. A scholarly research provide full citation of the work that has been cited and reviewed in that research. It is also approved by a jury of expert people in that particular field, this is called as peer review. Scholarly research can test an old theory or can be done to develop new theories. The researcher who has conducted the research is questioned to confirm the accuracy and validity of the research. The audience for scholarly research is purely academic but the benefits reach to the general people as well.


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