How to teach Children Not to Tell Lies

All children lie at some time in life, this is often temporary and they stop telling lies as they grow up. Children are not aware that they are doing something against the norms of society. They do it for many reasons but they learn the importance of telling the truth soon.
Sometimes children do not stop telling lies and they make it a habit for long. This habit can be prevented if the parents and teachers tell them the importance of truth. Parents and teachers should treat the reasons that cause children to lie. You cannot stop the children from telling lies forcefully. You have to do it with love and care. Show children that you love them and you want to bring positive change in their personality. You have to treat the cause the reason not the symptom, if you will treat the symptom the symptom will rise again. The child will never stop telling lies until you eradicate the reason of telling lies.

Top 8 Reasons Why Children Tell Lies:

Reason # 1: Lying for fun

There can be various reasons for lies and a child can lie due to more than one reason. Sometimes children lie just for the sake of fun otherwise there is no serious reason behind the lying. They want to poke fun of others or they want to show themselves funny. They lie to their friends or teachers and see how far they can get fooled. Some students lie to their teachers that they have forgotten their books at home or their bags at home but afterwards they tell them that it was a joke. Other kids want to hurt others by telling funny lies. Their fun can make other people feel miserable and hurt. Whether small or big kids should never lie for fun as this habit can become permanent and in later life they can tell bigger lies.


Stop laughing at the kids when they lie and take their habit more seriously. Do not take their lies as an entertainment rather ignore them so that they do not joke like this again. Kids want to grab your attention by their lies but as they will notice that they cannot get any attention or praise they will leave their habit.

Reason # 2: Learning lying from parents

A child can easily learn to lie from parents, we all lie at some time in life and we find it easier to protect ourselves by lying. Children are at their learning stage especially during the early years of their life, they learn from their surroundings. When parents lie occasionally they think that lying is something good that they should also do.


This is more difficult to prevent as parents will have a long habit of telling lies. Parents should try to stop telling lies. Sometimes we tell small lies like we are not at home or we cannot reach office because we are feeling well. These lies may seem small but children are constantly watching us and they learn to lie from us. No lie can be a small lie, once you keep this in mind you will understand that lying in front of your children can be dangerous. You may find it convenient to say that you are not feeling well and you cannot attend the church but what will happen as a result of this; the kid will learn a new thing that he never knew. He will learn to lie and especially lying for a good cause. You should become a more aware a more responsible adult once you become parent as you have the responsibility of your kids on your shoulders.

Reason # 3: Learning lying from friends

The peer group is a strong influence children spend 5 to 6 hours with their friends during this time they acquire different habits from them. Sometimes your child makes a friend who use to lie often. The child does not have ability to differentiate good from bad he/she can easily acquire the habit of lying.


Parents and teachers should keep an eye on those kids that lie. They should also observe those kids who sit next to them or who are their friends. Teachers should talk to the parents if a child constantly lies. She should talk to the student if she thinks that there is a need.

Reason # 4: Fear of telling the truth

When parents and teachers taunt or punish them unnecesssarily kids start telling lies so that they can safeguard themselves. Corporal punishment is the most serious form of punishment that parents or teachers can give to the students or children. Corporal punishment is banned in every society and in every country. The teachers who give corporal punishment have been sentenced for several years in many cases. Due to the fear of punishment kids often tell lies. They hide the reality and think tha they will not get punishment in this way.


No punishment should be given to the child in the penalty of anything wrong he has done. The only way by which you can teach a child not to do this again is by love and care you show to them. Lying is more worse than doing something wrong. By punishing child you think that you have taught child a lesson but the child will never learn anything good from punishment rather he will develop fear, hatred and anguish.

Reason # 5: Developing the habit of lying

Some children lie to the elders but the elders do not take it seriously, they take it for granted and in this way the child slowly develops the habit of telling lies. In families where elders often lie children also develop the habit of lying as no one stop them from lying. They lie about small things in start but later on they find it easier to lie for big reasons too.


When children start lying parents should make their efforts to prevent them by telling the importance of truth. They should not take it for granted. They should tell them moral stories that motivate them to tell the truth. They should tell their kids that by telling a single lie they have to lie again and agian but by telling the truth they do not need to say anything else.

Reason # 6: Thinking themselves a liar

When children start lying they do not know that they are lying and they do not know that it is something bad. By telling them that you are lying or you are a liar you enforce them that they are liar. Do not say to the child that you are a liar rahter tell them that it is not good and you should not do this.


Parents, teachers or some times friends keep on saying that you are a liar and you keep lying all the time. The kid start thinking that he is a liar. Do not say that you are a liar this will make a stamp on the kid that he is a liar and he become a liar in reality.

Reason # 7: Lying to seek attention

Some kids lie in order to seek attention; parents, teacher or other members of the family do not give them proper attention. Some parents give more attention to one kid than to the other, giving less or more attention to one kid or the other is common in many families.


Attention seeking is a very common reason of telling lies. Parents and teachers should never do favoritism among their children or among students. Favoritism leads to telling lies in those children who get less attention.

Reason # 8: Lying to hurt others

Some kids want to hurt others because they want to take revenge. They want to hurt and humiliate other people. Many children do not like other mates in their class and they want to humiliate them in front of teachers and the students so they lie about them. Some students are jealous from the success or intelligence of other student this also cause lying about them.


Some children hurt or humiliate others by saying lies but this can aslo be treated.  Teachers should observe the students well to know whether the student is lying or telling truth. Teacher and parents should have the ability to differentiate between truth and lie, they should talk to the kid and tell him that by insulting others he can never achieve anything in life. Tell them that they should not use shortcuts in life to achieve success over others. The only way to be honourable in the eyes of others is to respect other people and be truthful and honest.



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