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How to reduce the risks of obesity in children

Diet Food

Diet Food

Obesity is one of the most important reasons behind childhood death around the world. Childhood obesity is more dangerous than adult obesity. Obesity can increase the risks of type II diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and hypertension. You should overcome even the slightest chances of obesity for the sake of your child’s health.

A simple yet most difficult way to overcome or reduce the risks of obesity is to bring nature in your life. It is difficult to adopt a natural lifestyle because nowadays it is difficult to find natural lifestyle and environment. Synthetic , processed and packaged food is easy to find than natural and organic food.


Dietary pattern and habits

Food to Avoid

To reduce the risks of obesity in children you should adopt healthy dietary habits and pattern. This change should be adopted by the whole family rather than imposing it to your children. Start from purchasing healthy, natural and organic food items only and avoid purchasing unhealthy packaged and processed food. Limit the consumption of junk food to minimum. Also reduce the amount of sugar and salt you add to your food. Sugar and salt are already present in food and you do not need to add an additional amount to fulfill their requirement. The amount of fluids should also be increased in your diet and fiber rich food should also be included because fiber is great for digestion and absorption of food. You should also change the dietary pattern of your family. Avoid eating late night and take your last big meal before 7:00 pm. Five small meals are better than three big meals that you consume. Small meals improve the metabolic activity of your body.


Activity is must for reducing the risks of obesity. An active healthy lifestyle ensures long term health. Indulge your child in physical activities and participate with them in these activities. Your participation will raise interest  in them. Encourage your child to participate in school activities. During  free time encourage  your children to help you with household  chores.


Practice what you advice to your children

Children will not obey your advises until you will show them the same by practicing it in front of them. As it is said that seeing  is believing so children will believe  on your advices  when they will  see  it.




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