Fight Premature Aging

How to Prevent the Signs of Premature Aging

Premature aging is one of the growing concerns nowadays. Nobody can live forever and nobody can stop the process of aging but premature aging can be stopped and can be delayed for some time. Wrinkles, dark circles, pigmentation and rough skin are all sign of premature aging. There is not a single reason behind premature aging but many. Most of these reasons relate to your lifestyle and you can prevent such lifestyle that causes premature aging. You should analyze what you are eating, what you are drinking, how you are sleeping, with whom you are enjoying and how you are relaxing. All of these things matter when you want to prevent premature aging. You should eat good food, take proper and timely sleep, do plenty of exercise and take some time out of your hectic routine to relax and enjoy. It is not something very difficult to do and not very simple but it depends on how much you are motivated to bring positive changes in your life.

6 ways to prevent premature aging

Food Choices:

Your food choices highly affect your life, health, wellbeing and personality. We are what we eat, especially what we eat in young age. Food can do miracles and food can ruin your life, healthy food choices can help you fight premature aging while unhealthy and malnourished food can cause premature aging. Most of the time we eat unhealthy food just as a habit. We do not have an appetite that we are going to satisfy with these types of foods but just to please our taste buds we eat unhealthy food. Junk food, fast food, cold drinks and packaged foods are eaten just because we have developed a habit of eating these foods while we know that we can live well without eating these foods. Good food choices can be made easily, you just have to eat plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables, white meat, dairy products, legumes, cereals and pulses to delay your aging process.
Antioxidants are a great source of health and vitality. All fruits and vegetables are sources of antioxidants. Fruits and vegetables are available round the clock and you can eat them raw or cooked. The less you process fruits and vegetables the more beneficial they are for your health. An antioxidant that is present in fruits and vegetables can help you prevent premature aging. Antioxidants remove free radicals and toxic waste from your body, leaving your skin look glowing and fresh. Antioxidants can prevent premature wrinkles from appearing on your face as well as antioxidants help us prevent skin pigmentation. Vitamin a and vitamin C are natural antioxidants as well as various other vitamins. Some of the recent researches suggest that you should consume at least five servings of fruits and vegetables to fight the wrinkles, pigmentation and dark spots from appearing on your face. Antioxidants are also present in green tea, coffee and black tea. These teas contain a sufficient amount of antioxidants that your skin needs. Drink at least one of these tea to prevent premature aging. In the past people linked black tea and coffee with cardiovascular diseases and cancer but today has been proved that these teas are good because they can help you prevent various major diseases. You can consume several servings of these tea in order to maintain good health.

Water and other fluids:

To maintain youthful outer and health inner body you should drink plenty of fluids. The best fluid is water and you should increase your water intake if you see any signs of premature aging. Drink 2-5 glasses of water early in the morning and drink water before every meal. Water flushes toxic wastes from your body making you look healthy. Water is good for dry skin because it hydrates the dry skin and the moisture content of the skin do not end.

Positive attitude towards life:

Develop a positive attitude towards life and do not let negative feelings and emotions come into your mind. Negative feelings can ruin your body, health, heart, mind and skin. People who take too much stress usually age early. Emotions like fear, depression, anxiety and anger can ruin your life. How you spend your life and your attitude towards life look on your face. Presence of wrinkles, dark circles and dark spots on an otherwise young face shows that the person is either not satisfied with his life or else he is not spending the life in a healthy manner.


Sleep is another very important factor and you should not take it for granted. You should sleep well and sleep tight in the night. Several sleepless nights mean dark circles and lack of freshness on your skin. Make a routine and sleep according to that routine. Inadequate sleep causes skin deterioration and you look older than your age. Never ever compromise on your sleep as sleep is the only way to get rid of the fatigue and tiredness that you went through, throughout the day.

Enjoy life:

Enjoy happy moments of your life with your friends and family members. When you do not keep your family happy you also cannot live a happy and satisfied life. Worries and pain will keep at a bay of you will have a good relationship with your spouse and kids. You can pass a happy and satisfied life without the luxuries of life but you cannot live happy if you do not have a good relationship. Happiness is the key to a healthy body and youthful face. You should know how to enjoy small moments that otherwise we ignore. Giving happiness to other people is also a good way to feel satisfied.

Meditation and yoga:

Another way to prevent premature aging is to do meditation and yoga on regular basis. Meditation and yoga relieves your soul and make you look energetic and young. It is a great technique that has been proven for centuries for its efficiency. Engage your children along with yourself in yoga so that they can also learn different techniques of yoga. The efficiency of the yoga will increase if you will do it in a peaceful place; in a nearby green place or at the beach.



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