How to make cornhusk flowers

Cornhusk is easily available from craft stores you can even get fresh cornhusk if you have a corn field nearby. Cornhusk lends itself to many variations when it comes to making flowers. You can make a sunflower, jasmine, marigold or rose from cornhusk. You need very simple material other than cornhusk to make flowers. Most of these materials are present in every household. You can use paint to make colored flowers or you can make textures, personally, I prefer to use the natural color of husk. The natural color and texture of the cornhusk contains variety.
The materials required to make a cornhusk flower:
White glue
Florist foam
Florist tape
Paper for template
Dried corns
Measuring tape
How to make flowers: The method of making flowers is quite simple and it depends on your creativity how you combine the petals. The cutting of petals, paints and textures can change the design and the look of the flower.

Rose flowers can be made in different styles. You can make a full blown rose flower or a half blown as well as a rosebud. You should have  a picture of rose flower that you want to make. Closely observe the design of petals and cut templates of petals on card paper. Using this card template cut as many petals as required. You should also decide what you will use in the center of the flower, you can roll a petal of cornhusk and insert it in the center or else you can use a colored cotton swab. Attach the petals to the center of the flower and add inward or outward curve using your finger to give it a natural look. Attach as many petals as big the flower you want to make. Insert a wire in the flower and make a calyx by pasting few petals on the base of the flower. Cover the wire with florist tape of any color (preferably brown or green).

Tulip flowers can also be made from cornhusk. to make a tulip flower you should better paint the cornhusk before cutting and pasting the petals. Take a wire and start making the flower by wounding a roll of petal around the wire to make the center of the tulip. Paste petals around the center of the flower to complete the flower.  Color cornhusk in green color to make leaves. The characteristically long and narrow leaves will give the flower a natural look.

Sunflower can be made easily , all you need is a round cardpaper that you can use as a base. Paste the petals around the base of the cardpaper. In the center of the card paper paste some dried corns or other brown material to make the seeds.



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