Drafting the Body of Your Paper

Drafting the body of your paper means writing down all the information that you have collected, that includes notes, your analysis, statistics, and conclusions. By drafting the research paper we mean writing the research paper for the first time. You need to revise your draft several times before you have your final manuscript. Many students and their teachers prefer to get each of the draft to be in printed form to be checked while some students prefer to revise the draft on the computer. Mostly the first draft needs to be printed so that it can be checked at ease.

It seems like a cumbersome task when all the information is in front of you and you have to decide how, where and when you have to write each piece of information. The process of writing the first draft becomes easier with the organization of your notes and other data.  First, you should know the organizations of the chapters like the introduction, review of the literature and, material and methods etc. Once you know the chapters that you have to include in your research paper and their order now you need to divide all the information in each chapter where it needs to be.

Here in this article, we will see how you can achieve the best results in writing your research paper. A research paper should have a consistency from the beginning till end. Consistency is necessary a research paper should prove one point of view or one hypothesis rather than juggling from one point to another. The following qualities are necessary to be present in every research paper. Here are some tips as well as how to achieve these qualities while writing a research paper.

Drafting the body of your paper

Unity and Coherence

Unity can be achieved by many ways while writing a research paper the writer needs to remain focused on one central idea and should stick to it going forward. While writing the research paper several new ideas will come to mind but once you have decided on one main idea you should not switch from it in the middle of writing the research paper.

Coherence helps the readers move from one point to another there are many ways you can achieve this as well. You can use transitional words that help carry the readers along as you are explaining and establishing relationships. These can be used between sentences and between paragraphs. The use of pronouns also helps achieve coherence in writing. We know that the repetition of nouns makes the writing more awkward and less coherent.

Another way to achieve coherence is by the repetition of the ideas that need to be enforced but it should be done in a manner that does not create boredom. By repetition, we mean that you can explain an idea by examples or by providing more than one references.

Your paper can look one coherent unit if you integrate the ideas in a good manner. Avoid combining notes from here and there without integrating them you do not want to make your research paper look disjointed and choppy.

Adequate support

An adequate support is necessary to make your point of view valid and increase the believability. You can use different forms of support, how much support you need you cannot describe in words it is something that can be decided by several factors. Ask yourself can you understand the concept well from the given information if you can understand it well others can also understand it. You need to behave like a reader when you are drafting your research paper.


You can emphasize the concept or idea that you want to using different techniques. Use proportionately more space for ideas that you want to be emphasized. You can repeat such ideas in a manner that is not boring and helps the reader grab more understanding of it. Another way can be to position them in order that audience will give more importance to it.

Concreteness and specificity

Good writing needs both concretness not absrtraction and specificity not gerneral ideas. A research paper should always be something that is very specific to the topic, you cannot deal with several general ideas in a research paper. Draft the paper in a manner that makes it emphasizing one specific topic and one central idea.


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