Family and Parenting

Preventive Measures for Juvenile Delinquency

Prevention of juvenile delinquency necessarily means early intervention. An early intervention can help the children become healthy, happy and satisfied adolescents and adolescents into socially good adults. This is how the society overall can be saved from many evils since juvenile crime results in adult criminals and antisocial behavior. This need programs that provides guidelines to parents, teachers and other community partners who …

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Newborn Checklist for Travelling

newborn baby

Newborn checklist for travelling enlists all the things that you might need when you have to travel. You might need to travel in an emergency if you have a list of things you won’t forget anything important from keeping. Travelling with a newborn baby needs lots of preparation, for the baby is too young and you might not be able …

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Choosing the Right School for Your Child

School is the most important socialization agency after home, at times school plays such an important role in your life that it becomes primary. As a parent deciding about the right school is very important. Every parent wants to choose the best for their kids in life. Choosing the right school means that you have fulfilled half of your responsibility …

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Why Babies Cry

Why Babies Cry All babies cry and their crying helps you understand that your baby needs you. Crying is a blessing otherwise you won’t be able to understand that your baby is hungry, in pain or sleepy. At times parents can’t get why their baby is crying. It has been proved from several researches that babies don’t cry without any …

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How to trim your baby’s nails for the first time

Trimming your baby’s nails for the first time is not a difficult task. You should take some caution as newborn babies have soft and thin skin that can get trimmed along with the nail. A bruise or cut can bleed and hurt your baby. Parents are often excited about their newborn baby, especially if they are becoming parent for the …

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Why Reading to Children is Important

Reading by parents

Parents often ask from the teachers why reading to children is important? Reading is a habit that should be inculcated in your children, but how you can develop this habit in them. The best way is to read to them when they are not able to read, parents should start reading stories to their children as soon they reach the age …

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Best Health Books of All Time

The health books

Health books and health related literature should be read on a regular basis. Health books are a great source of knowledge regarding food, health, diseases and their prevention. There are millions of health books available on the internet, some of these books are really worth reading. Here is a list of all those books that you must read in order to …

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Who should Take Dietary (Foods) Supplements

Dietary Supplements

Food supplements are dietary supplements that are added to the diet to improve the nutritional balance in the body. Basically we fulfill most of our nutritional requirements from food but sometimes our diet could not fulfill the requirement of every mineral, vitamin or carbohydrates and we need to add supplements to our diet to ensure that we have taken all …

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How to Start Writing for Freelancing Websites

online writing

Online writing is an amazing business; you can write at any time, any place, at wages of your choice and select work of your interest. Online writing thus seems easier and it definitely is if you know some tips and tricks. There are millions of freelancing websites that pay you for writing articles, editing, proofreading or translating written work. There …

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Career Information for English literature Graduates

Career opportunities are unlimited

Boys and girls who have recently graduated in English literature have a great scope in freelance jobs online; they can also find great opportunities in full time jobs. Today there are great many jobs that require people who have skills in English writing, editing, proofreading, teaching and copywriting. The jobs are not limited to those I have mentioned here, there are hundreds of other opportunities. You …

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