Fast food and Obesity
Fast food and Obesity

Best diet plan for obese children

Diet is the most important factor in obesity. The choice of food affects your weight, health and quality of life. A diet rich in fatty and sugary food can increase the risk of obesity manifolds. From early childhood parents should give only healthy food to their children. Clinically a child is thought to be obese if his/her BMR is above 30. To maintain a healthy weight of their children parents should not only cut down the quantity of fatty food but also improve the quality of diet.

Quantity and quality of food:

There is some food that should be completely avoided if you are obese other food can be taken in moderation and then there are some food that can be eaten even in large quantity. Quantity of food matters a lot if you want to lose weight. Moderation is the key to maintain a healthy optimal weight but if you are obese you need to take more caution and you should avoid high caloric food completely.

Some foods should be avoided completely to prevent obesity. Children love to eat French fries, burgers and pizzas as these are the most favorite food of every child. These foods taste good to the taste buds but they are dangerous for obese children. These foods are dangerous because they contain saturated fats. Saturated fats are the number one nutrient that should be avoided completely if your children are obese. Saturated fats are present in animal fat and in coconut and palm oil. Saturated fats are solid at room temperature and they are difficult to digest. Saturated fat consumption can also increase the risk of hypertension, coronary diseases and diabetes. Cheese present in burgers and pizzas is also saturated fat and mayonnaise is also saturated fat. These and other these types of foods are a complete no no for obese children.

Sugary snacks are another risk factor of obesity and all those sugary foods like candies, sweets, sweet desserts, cakes and chocolates should be avoided. They can increase your daily caloric intake readily. Today it is known that two carbohydrates glucose and fructose are much higher in calories than other types of carbohydrates. In most of the packaged and processed food fructose is used instead of glucose. Fructose slows down your metabolism and increases weight gain. Other carbohydrates like fiber and cellulose are beneficial for obese children. Glucose, fructose and sucrose rich food should be completely avoided. Glucose and sucrose provide energy to the body but in the absence of these nutrient proteins and fats can also provide energy so if your children is not taking sugar in diet he/she can overcome the energy requirement by consuming lots of protein.

Some type of foods can be eaten in moderation. These foods include unsaturated fats and trans-fatty acids. The best oils to be used in the diet of obese children include olive oil, corn oil, peanut oil and soya bean oil. When the child is obese even these oils should be used in moderation and high amounts should be avoided. As far as meat is concerned the best meat is white meat for obese children, fish is the best meat for obese children. To fulfill the requirement of protein you should give plenty of pulses which are rich in amino acids. Sugary food should be avoided but a small amount of sugar should be added in diet sometimes to fulfill the requirement.

To prevent obesity parents should give plenty of those foods that are rich in healthy nutrients. Some of the most important nutrients and other food components include protein, vitamins, minerals, fiber and fluids. Antioxidant rich food is another very important part of the diet for obese children.

Protein is necessary for the building of cells in the body. Protein can also be used for fulfilling the energy requirement of the body. Sufficient amount of protein should be consumed so that it can fulfill both functions. Other important food components like antioxidants and fibers are necessary for several reasons. Antioxidants can help your children fight against many diseases in his life. Fiber is a great laxative and it also help you increase your metabolic rate.

One food item and nutrient that should be taken in greatest possible amount is water. Water is the best part of a diet that can help you fasten your metabolic rate and fight against obesity. There is only one rule that you should follow in order to get the full benefit of water, consume water before meals. It’s better if you drink water 1 to 2 hours prior to taking big meal. You can drink 1, 2 or 3 glasses of water before meal depending on how much you can drink at a time. Morning is the best time to drink water. The benefits of water will increase if you drink lukewarm water.




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