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Why Babies Cry

Why Babies Cry

All babies cry and their crying helps you understand that your baby needs you. Crying is a blessing otherwise you won’t be able to understand that your baby is hungry, in pain or sleepy. At times parents can’t get why their baby is crying. It has been proved from several researches that babies don’t cry without any reason. Crying is their speech and their means to communicate with the elder people.

Taking in the lap often relieve the baby. It does not mean that the problem has been solved, but the baby gets some hope that his problem will be solved.  There are some common reasons why babies cry and after reading this article you will be able to judge your babies cause to cry.Cry Baby

1.     The baby is hungry

Most of the time babies cry because they are hungry. Newborn babies drink a small amount of milk at a time and their stomach becomes empty soon. They start to cry as soon as they feel the need of fuel. You can develop their feeding pattern as soon as they arrive home from the hospital. A 2 hourly pattern is suitable for most of the babies in the beginning, but as they become older they change their pattern. If your baby was crying because he was hungry, he will stop crying as soon as he gets some milk.

2.     The baby is sleepy

Another common reason why babies cry is that they are sleepy. You might enjoy taking your baby in the lap for a long time, but babies become restless if they remain in the lap for long. They should lie down in their cradle so that they feel relaxed. They sleep for a long time and their sleeping time reduces as they get older. Their development speeds up when they sleep and proper sleep is very important for their health.

3.     The baby is feeling colic pain

There are several symptoms of colic pain and you can recognize the symptoms. Usually babies who cry due to colic pain use to pull off their legs against their stomach again and again. Their stomach or abdominal muscles are too tight and stretched. They cry repeatedly and they don’t suck milk. They should be given colic drops or other colic syrups to reduce pain and to get some relief. When babies don’t stop crying even after taking the drops they should be taken to a peads doctor as soon  as possible. Most of the babies cry due to colic pain and it’s not something to get badly worried. Colic pain ends as soon as they start taking semisolid foods.

4.     The baby is crying due to indigestion

Sometimes mothers feed their baby more milk than their stomach can digest. Their tiny stomach cannot digest more milk and they become uneasy. They cannot get relief until they vomit out the excess milk. After feeding milk the baby should be taken in an upright position and their back should be patted lightly. This enables fast digestion of milk. You can also lay your baby in a sideline position, in a side line position the baby safely gulps any remaining milk in the digestive tract. Sleeping straight can cause the milk to enter in the respiratory tract, that could be dangerous.

5.     The baby is having fever or other common illness

Babies catch cold, flu and fever readily from others. Care should be taken to ensure babies good health. Some babies cry when they are having fever, other become very quiet and silent. Its better if they cry because crying helps you understand that they need your help. When babies are silent for long time the parents or other elders should check them once.

6.     The baby is feeling cold or hot

It is very common that we wrap our newborn babies in several layers of clothes because we are afraid of catching cold. It is necessary that the baby should be protected from cold but you should wrap the baby in a limit. In a cold if you cover the baby in several clothes the baby can become too hot. The baby will feel uneasy and will start to cry. It can also cause fever in babies. In warm weather the parents should take care that their babies have been covered enough to get protected from any cold air.

7.     The baby got an allergy

Babies have very sensitive body that are readily prone  to allergies. They might be allergic to any medicine and you should give them medicines very carefully. When babies cry because they have been allergic to something they will have rashes on their skin and they will be very uneasy. There might be some swelling on the skin and they need to be given an antiallergic syrup.



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