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Research is a way of thinking, answering your curiosity in a formal manner. There are some guidelines, tools, and procedures to proceed with that curiosity and get the answers you want to get. Readingcraze is a website that helps the readers know the path to get their answers and to reach the solution. Readingcraze is based on articles related to research tools, instruments, procedures, analysis and methodologies.

Readingcraze aims at providing the readers (students, scholars or researchers) scholarly content. We believe that education is global and it has no boundaries, languages and discrimination. Our content is free to excess by anyone as we want to help a large audience who is in need of help in the field of research.

At the current moment we have hundreds of articles written on research and we continually create and update content on readingcraze to make the information accurate and up-to-date. We are continuously seeking to expand our content. The content is original, well-researched, in-depth, useful and media-rich.

All the content published on this website is owned by We do not allow copying and publishing any content on other websites.



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