Research Model

The 8 Step Research Process Model

The research process model presented here is an eight-step model. These steps are important and crucial for every research regardless of the field and the topic. The tools and techniques used to undertake a research can be different, but every research follows the same steps. A theoretical understanding of each of these steps is presented in different pages on this website. An insight into each step of the research can be gained by reading the articles written on each topic.

Step I: Formulating a research problem

Reviewing the literature

Formulating a research problem

Identifying variables

Constructing hypothesis

Formulating research objectives

Step II: Conceptualizing a research design

Selecting a research design

Step III: Constructing an instrument for data collection

Selecting a method of data collection

Step IV: Selecting a sample

Selecting the right sampling type


Step V: Writing a research proposal

Writing a research proposal

Step VI: Collecting data

Data collection

Step VII: Processing data

Editing data

Coding data

Analysing data

Displaying data

Step VIII: Writing a research report/research paper or thesis

Writing research report




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