10 reasons why people fail to lose weight

Success in life does not come only with making bigger and better plans but by following the plans. We all want to maintain a healthy weight and for this purpose we make several plans but very few of us follow these plans. Last month I decided that I will start drinking green tea to lose extra belly fat, I gained fat during pregnancy. I made a schedule but after a few days I could not follow it. Then I decided that I will start walking on the treadmill but I could not get spare time for it. Life is full of excuses, sometimes we make excuses from ourselves and due to these excuses we cannot achieve our goals. Weight loss is only for those people who know how to follow plans.
Top 10 reasons why you fail to lose weight
1. Lack of consistency in following plans is the number one reason for not losing weight. The weight loss is not a very difficult task it only requires consistency and stability. It requires your steadfastness, commitment and dedication to follow plans. You should have to be loyal to yourself if you want to maintain a healthy weight. You have to follow a weight loss plan for a long time as you cannot lose weight in a few days.
2. Mismanagement of time can be another important reason why you fail to lose weight. Whenever you want to start something new in your life you have to spare some time for the new activity. When people start any weight loss program they do not spare extra time for it. Time management becomes difficult and they soon forget about the plan.
3. Lack of flexibility in the plans is an obvious reason behind failed plans. Your plan should have some flexibility and you should have an emergency plan in hand. Sometimes we get bored of our plan and we want to bring a change in it. Inflexible plans often become monotonous and difficult to follow and people start skipping routine plan.
4. Making unrealistic plans can also be the reason for failing weight loss plan. Sometimes we make big goals but could not achieve these goals. When you are making weight loss plan you should know your available resources. You should have enough time, money and energy to fulfill your goal. Your plan should have to be one that can be easily attained.
5. Lack of revision in plans can also bring monotony and boredom. Monotony is killing and you should break the monotony to achieve your goal. Revise your plan every on and off to bring something new in it.
6. Lack of internal motivation can never let you achieve your goal. Internal motivation is necessary because motivation is the only thing that can drive you towards the achievement of your goal. Think about the positive aspects of weight loss and problems you can face if you do not lose weight. Your positivity in life can help you achieve your goals. Your positivity can help you become motivated in life.
7. Lack of external motivation is something that is not in your hands. People often discourage you when you become serious towards attaining your goals. Your family, friends and peer group is a constant support if they motivate you positively. Both external and internal motivation is necessary to lose weight.
8. Lack of knowledge about obesity problems can lead you into great trouble. You should know what problems you can face in life if you are obese. The health concerns as well as social and psychological problems will help you think positive about weight loss.
9. Lack of clarity in weight loss goal can make it difficult for you to follow it. The goal should have to be clear and there should have to be free of ambiguities. The plan should have to be clear in your mind so that you can better follow it.
10. Thinking miracles will work can also be misleading. Miracles never work until you make some efforts. Your efforts and struggle can only help you lose weight. You cannot lose weight without any effort.



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