Writing Style in a Research Paper

The writing style in a research paper should be one that focuses on the clear communication, straightforwardness and free of bias. Writing a research paper is quite different from writing any other work, you have to follow a specific style of writing through out your research paper. In order to be more accurate ask your teacher about any questions that comes to your mind regarding the writing style that your institute prefer in a research paper. Though there are certain guidelines regarding the writing style that every student should follow. Below are given some ideas how to write a research paper.

Use straightforward language

There are many types of writings and in some of them the student can use very formal language and that makes his writing more worthy. There are other academic writings where the student need to use informal language and it is okay to do that. The research paper neither requires a very formal nor an informal writing style on the other hand you need to be straightforward in writing a research paper. Use simple words wherever possible do not try to be too technical when even there is no need to be.

Avoid generalizations

Generalizations make the research paper very informal and it becomes difficult for the reader to draw out meanings from what you have written. Try to be very specific about the words and the sentences you write so that the reader can understand the meaning of it. For example you write that “he was a lean boy” now the reader can get get confuse about what do you mean by lean and lean is a subjective word. You should rather write specific weight or other standardized measurements to proof what you say.

Write in the third person

Most of the research papers are written in the third person. Addressing a research paper in first or second person can make it confusing as well as the interest of the readers shift towards you when you write in the first person. The interest draws to themselves the readers when you write it in second person so better write the research paper in the third person.

Be consistent in your writing style

As you start writing a research paper try to keep yourself as consistent as possible. Adhere to one style of writing and keep yourself to that style throughout the research paper.

Write in active voice

All research papers should be written in active voice and it will help the readers move on with your writing.

Avoid words that show bias

There are words that are very subjective or else they show bias avoid such words. Your writing style also improves or lowers the credibility of your research paper. If you are quoting something that shows bias and you have to quote it then explain that these are just the authors opinions and you do not have anything to do with it.


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