What are the principles of Professional Ethics

Professional ethics are the moral attitude, behavior and code of conduct that the professionals have to follow while working in any profession. Every profession has some code of conduct and it is necessary that the professional people know about these code of conduct and try to obey to them. Every company should have ethical, moral and legal rules that the professionals can understand and follow.

In every profession professionals face the problems of ethical dillemas and legal issues arise when professionals cannot stay within the standard ethics of the company. Unfortunately, very few companies have well established code of conduct and, therefore professionsl find it difficult to understand what is ethical and what is not. Regardless of the fact that very few companies provide code of conduct to their professionals, the professionals should understand that d in every situation. Every professional is expected to obey honesty, truthfulness, objectivity and respect of the public.

Principles of professional ethics

Honesty and truthfulness

Every professional should have to be honest to his profession; he should never lie in professional dealing. He should understand that the public to whom he serve depends on his honesty and he should only give right service and information to the clients or customers.

Unbiased or just

Professional people should never become unjust or biased. They should have similar behavior and attitude with every client they deal. They should never do favoritism on any basis. He should give equal rights to the clients to whom he deal. This is against the ethics of the society to deal differently with different people. The client can provide more services to a person if he is paying more but his attitude and behavior should never be different.

Value to the public

People whocome to the professionals to seek help should be facillitated positively and the professional should give value to the problems of the clients. The professional person should also give value to the values of the client. He should try to understand what the client wants to get and should try to facillitate him positively.

Respect and concern

He should show respect and concern and he should never do any harm to the integrity of the people. His concern towards clients is the proof that he is loyal to his service. Disrespect can be of various nature and a professional can be penalized for showing disrespect to the client.

Punctuality and availability

He should ensure that he is available whenever the clients need his service. He should be punctual on his job and should not make excuses. His availability is necessary especially if he is in a service where he has to serve initial needs of the clients. The professional should never do his personal chores while on service as his job is to seek help to the clients.



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