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How to Take Notes for Your Research Project

Take notes for your research paper systematically and avoid the hassle while composing and writing it finally. By systematically it means that you should note down all the information along with the note that you have recorded with yourself. The information about the note should include the bibliographic data, any especial observation or keyword that you want to evaluate later on. These small details will help you a lot later when you are analyzing your notes and writing your research paper. There are many other points you need to consider while writing notes for your research project.

Take notes systematically

First thing to consider off course is to take notes systematically and why you should be systematic you will know later when you will be analyzing your notes. It is easy to take notes from here and there and writing down notes whatever note book you have in hand but later when you will be analyzing them and making your conclusion you will feel like either information is missing or it is not clear to you. Keep one notebook with you all the time so that you can take notes on that. Record notes on separate pages and be clear in writing the note so in the end you can understand it well. There are many other ways in which you can be systematic like you can have headings and subheadings and record each note under that heading so that you know what this note is all bout.

Create templates for notes

Create a template for the way you want to take notes and use it for all the notes you are going to take. There can be various ways in which you can record them but use one that you are more comfortable in. For example write down the title on the top of the note then carefully write down the direct quotation form the book or article. You can write down your own comments on the bottom clearly specifying that it is different from the direct quotation that is from the book. You need to make a bibliographic card for each note that will include the author/s name, title of the topic book or article, publication, page number, place published, year etc.

You can make more templates if you are suing several sources like books, journals, magazines, newspapers or autobiographies etc. Make separate workable template for each of the source mentioned above. You can also ask your teacher what kind of template you should use and she will be helpful in this regard.

Record the following on each note





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