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Sources of Information for Research Paper

The sources of information for research paper can be divided into many different ways. You can divide it on the basis of where to find the information, how to find the information and what kind of information to seek. Here we will look at where to find the information for a research paper.

Finding information for your research paper will not be an overwhelming process if you know where to look for the particular information. Once you know where to find the information you need to organize it in a sequential order. You need to devise a strategy because there are a wide array of sources available to seek information. In other words, you have to be selective about the sources that are available for your research. Once you decide what sources to use and where you can find them you need to make a sequential pattern. Decide how you will go through each of the sources you have selected for your study.






Sources of information for research paper


Print Resources

The print on paper resources are the most basic and most important sources of information for your research. Libraries contain a wide array of information from where you can begin your research. If you are not sure about how to find information in the library ask the librarian as nobody knows more about the resources in a library then the librarian. There are many types of print resources other than the books.

Non-print resources

Non-print resources can be any type of media that you can find in your library or through other sources like internet.

Electronic resources

Today there is a wide range of electronic sources available for the research most of them are available online in the form of catalogs. Some of them are as follows:




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