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Sample Research Topics for Different Fields

Sample research questions

Brainstorming to raise questionsSample research topics for different fields

Research is undertaken in every profession. Research is conducted at each stage of the work to examine critically. Research starts with the planning and it goes with the stages of controlling, executing and evaluating the process. It is an ongoing process that can never stop. When it comes to deciding about a research topic there is endless options and as a student one can select from them. The research topic is actually a research question. Think of the questions that we ask in our everyday life. Our questions are related to our professions, our job responsibilities, our duties, our family, acquaintances and everyone and everything around us. The research topic or research question is one such question. The difference between our everyday questions and research question is that in everyday life we find casual answers to our questions. In the research we seek empirical answers to our questions, valid and reliable answers. There are various fields and you can be part of one of them, for example, health, business, psychology, management and administration, education, information technology and social sciences. Here are some suggestions or sample research topics for each field. It should be kept in mind that these are only sample research topics and in reality you can have endless options from which to decide. You have to decide first that whether you are a; Consumer Service provider Service administrator Professional Mostly empirical researches are conducted by the professionals and service administrators or managers. A student is also a professional who conducts research to bring forward new ideas and solve problems. Here are some sample research topics for different fields.

Field\Persp Consumer Service provider Administrator Professional
Health How well-trained are the health service providers? How can I improve the service that we are providing? How efficiently can I make a plan for the new health service? How can the drawbacks of this medicines reduced for the patients?
Business Does this product provides the value for money that I am paying? How satisfied are the consumers with the product that we are selling? What are the needs of the consumers that we can target? How can we improve the quality of our service?
Psychology How efficiently my problem solved? What resources are available with us to solve the problems of the clients? What new strategies should be formulated to improve client satisfaction? What are the most prominent problems of my clients?
Education What are the underlying values of each school? What values parents want to impart in their children? How the curriculum of the school can be upgraded? What teaching techniques best suit my students?
Information technology Which malware software can best solve my PC’s problems? What new malware viruses have been introduced that needs antimalware software? What resources do I need to develop a new software to solve this problem? What techniques have I to employ to develop a new antimalware?
Sociology Why I am not getting a pay equal to my status in the job? Why employees are dissatisfied with their jobs? How to make just and equal pay distribution among employees? Which companies do not give the right pay to their employees?

These are only some sample research topics and they are very general in nature. The purpose of these questions is just to illustrate that the type of question you ask depends on your status; a consumer, a service provider, an administrator or a professional. It should also be noted that most of the empirical researches are conducted by professionals, service providers or administrators and management. Consumers also conduct research, but that is not an empirical research. Consumers do surveys to understand the service, product or the idea that companies are selling to them.

Reactive approach

In the reactive approach, the consumer asks a question or some consumer dissatisfaction occurs. The service providers get to know about the situation and they try to find out solutions. In the case, the service provider could not find a solution the administrator make changes in its management to solve the problem. When problem cannot be solved even with major changes the professionals who are responsible for bringing out new ideas, innovations and products take the charge. They think of new products, services, ideas to solve the consumer problems. These sample research questions focus on this technique in the market.

Proactive approach

In the modern world, most of the times companies work on a proactive approach. In a proactive approach the professionals produce the product, services or ideas before the problem arises. They forecast the future issues with the customers and develop new products. For examples in the field of medical science, new medicines research undergoes before the actual disease erupts. The medicine researchers forecast the future needs and try to bring solutions before the problem occurs. The purpose of this article is to just provide some sample research questions and a guideline for students. The actual research question a student formulate highly depends on your subject area, the resources available and your expertise in that.



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