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How to Write a Good Essay

How to write an essay? How to write an essay outline? How can I write a good essay? And what are the steps in writing essay? These questions often arise in students’ mind. The answer to these questions is simple you have to follow simple rules of writing essays. These rules will help you a lot in organizing your thoughts and pen them down. You should have some knowledge of the topic and you can easily write an effective essay. You should also have some creativity. Essay writing becomes easy if you write it in a logical manner and make an essay outline before starting to write it down. 

How can I Write a good Essay

Learning how to write a good essay is necessary because throughout your academic career you have to write several essays. Sometimes you have to write essay paper too. Essay papers are much more detailed and they require research before writing it down. To write a good essay that can help you earn good grades you need to have three things.

Basic knowledge of the topic

To begin with you should have some knowledge of the topic area so that you can elaborate and explain the topic. In the absence of knowledge you cannot give any solid points. Knowledge is not something genetic and you can gain it at any time, you should read books and newspapers to broaden your knowledge. You can also research the topic of the essay on internet or in books. Research is a great tool to write an effective essay. Students should do research and than start writing the essay.

Know the rules of writing essays

Essay writing has some rules and these rules can be adopted for any type of essay. Once you get to know the rules you can write any type of essay. These rules will help you in writing a well-organized and well-summarized essay. When you know the rules you can write essay in no time because your thoughts and your points are organized. When you do not know how to organize the points you write a haphazard essay that does not give good impression. Haphazard essays take too much time to pen down. You should follow a step-by-step process to write an essay. While writing an essay you should give more emphasis to the quality of the essay rahter than its quality. Sometimes you are given a length like a 1000 word essay, if the length is given than you have to follow the length provided to you by your instructer.

Creativity to write a unique essay

Writing an essay is often a daunting and frustrating job but why it is so. The answer is that we cannot give it uniqueness that we want to see in our essay. A unique essay is one that has some creativity and that get the attraction of everyone. Your essay should have a nice and presentable introduction, detailed body and precise but concise ending. This needs some creativity on your behalf and your creativity will make your essay unique and creative. To help improve your creativity do some exercise like make some good introductions of general essay topics in free time. Writing an introduction is the most difficult job in writing an essay. The writer should start writing the body if he cannot get the idea about the introduction. Do not get frustrated rather feel calm and relaxed when you have to write an essay.

You should also keep in mind that writing is not always about following rules, you can some time get out of these rules and write something extraordinary that really describes your thoughts and your way of writing. Whatever way you follow in writing an essay try to write graceful, ethical and well researched essay.



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  1. Agree with that, writting eassy require search and hardwork, but unfortunately during academic time student have less time and lot to do, but if you follow some rules and steps you can come up with good easy in short time.

    Can you give me good resources/web sites who gave services to assists people in writing easy?

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