How to knead the best pizza dough

Whenever I ate pizza at my favorite pizza shop I wondered at the quality of the pizza bread. I could never achieve similar crunch, crisp and bubbly effect in my pizza bread that I baked at home. With years of searching different chefs’ recipes for making pizza bread I am now well aware of the qualities that pizza dough should have. In the first place make it clear that a good pizza dough is necessary to bake good pizza bread and bad pizza dough simply means  bad pizza bread.

Pizza breads can be of various types and for each type of bread you have to knead different dough. The ingredients might be same in different pizza dough but the quantity of each ingredient and the ratio will be different. The two basic types of pizza breads include soft, thick and chewy pizza bread and thin and crispy pizza bread.  In some pizza recipes you use all purpose flour while in other recipes you need to use whole grain flour, it depends on the recipe which type of bread and dough you are going to make.

Soft and thick pizza bread

The dough for soft and thick pizza bread should be kneaded in such a way that it is soft to touch. It needs more water to knead and the quantity of water can be decided by personal judgment. Water brings extensibility in the dough which is an important quality of good pizza dough. Water can be of various types soft, hard and hardest but you should use soft water as it is best for achieving fermentation in bread.

The next important thing about kneading pizza dough is that you should have a control over every variable in kneading. This ensures that every time you will achieve similar results, it means that you should use a similar ratio of ingredients, similar time of fermentation and similar temperature of fermentation. The quantity of water should remain same every time you knead the dough. Consistency is an important issue in kneading pizza dough and baking it.

Thin and crispy pizza dough

To make thin and crisp pizza bread you need to make a dough that contains comparatively less water content. It should be baked for some time before applying the topping ingredients. Stiff dough will result in crisp bread so the dough should have to be stiff in texture. To make this dough you should cut down the amount of yeast and the time of fermentation should also be less. The dough should be rolled in 1/8th inch beard.



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