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How do you get a Baby Sleep Through the Night

Having a baby is the most precious experience one can ever have in life. Babies especially infants sleep for more than 18 hours during the day and night. They develop sleep pattern and most of the babies follow that pattern. There are some babies who do not sleep for long time and they keep on crying when they are awoke this increases the responsibilities of the new mom. Every mother wants to see her baby sleep well especially through the night. When mother take care of the baby all the time she cannot get time for herself and this causes frustration. As a mother you should try your best to train your baby to sleep through night and during the day let him/her sleep for some time. Keep babies awoke for long time in the day so that he/she can sleep well at night.
Intelligent mothers know how to train their babies to sleep well at night but not all mothers are experienced and you might be experiencing motherhood for the first time. Here in this article you will find very useful tips about training your baby to sleep through night. You will know what you should do and what you should not. 


  • Do not develop a habit that is difficult to maintain in the long run. Suppose you develop a habit of sleeping along with your baby when he/she is sleepy. At first it will be fascinating to sleep with the baby but with the passage of time when your responsibilities will grow and you will have less time it will become difficult for you to sleep along with him. The baby will keep searching you when you will not be near him so do not develop a habit like this.
  • Do not place infants’ crib in a palce where there is noise as noise can disturb him in sleep and he will get up soon. During night keep your room calm and cosy so that the baby can rest well.
  • Do not let baby suck his thumb or do not give him a soother. With soother it will be easier at present to keep your baby slept for long time but it will be difficult for you to terminate this habit. You will find many other problems if your baby sucks thumbs.
  • Do not use uneasy fabrics as nightwear for the baby. Thick, uneasy, very tight or rough fabrics make baby feel uneasy and difficult to sleep for long time.
  • Do not cover the face of the baby as very young babies cannot sleep when their face is covered. Don’t put caps or booties on baby’s head or feet.
  • Do not use a mosquito repellent if your baby is allergic to it. Some babies are allergic to mosquito repellents so observe your baby’s condition if you have used any mosquito or flies repellent in the room.
  • Do not lety the baby sleep directly below fan as too much air can also disturb his sleep. He will find it difficult to breath when he will be sleeping directly below the fan.


  • Do give a little warm milk to the baby during night as warm milk stimulates good sleep while cold milk can cause many other problems apart from keeping the baby awoke for long time. The baby can get chest congestion or nasal blockage due to the cold milk he drinks at night.
  • Do feed baby at regular intervals during the day and night this also helps you in developing a regualr feed and sleep pattern.
  • Do give enough milk to the baby so that his stomach is full, he does not get hungry soon and he can sleep for long time.
  • Keep your baby on mother feed preferablly during night. Mother feed is better in many ways if your child is on mother feed he/she will sleep closer to you and with the warmth of the mother he will slep for long. When the baby will woke up you wont need to get up and make the feeder for him rather you can feed him easily while lying on the bed.
  • Do keep the room where the baby is sleeping well ventilated so that the baby does not feel suffocation. During the day keep the doors and windows open so that the room get well ventilated. During the night keep at least one door, window or ventilator open.
  • Get rid of the mosquitos, flies or other flying or creeping insects as these insects can make the sleep disturbed. Especially take care of the mosquitos as mosquito bite can cause other problems too.
  • Do keep some handy medicines at hand so that if you need them at night you can easily find them.
  • Do massage at night thi sis a very good way to have a sound sleep. Massage not only helps in having sound sleep but it also regulates good breathing and prevent nasal and chest congestion. When baby will be free of any congestion or cough he will sleep better.
  • Do keep the room warm in winter, while in summer keep the room cold but the room should have to be well ventilated whether it is summer or winter.
  • You can use a rattling crib if your baby sleeps with great difficulty. By rattling the crib the baby sleeps easily and he develops a habit so that when you will put him in the crib he will sleep automatically.
  • Crying can also stimulate sleep in babies and it is my personal experience that babies sleep long when they cry but this is not a very good method. You should not let your baby cry for long time and if you will let him do so he will develop a habit of crying which is not good.



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