Common Consequences of Malnutrition in Children

Malnutrition is the excess or inadequacy of basic nutrients in the body, this lack or excess of nutrients can cause several diseases. Some of these diseases are so severe that they can lead to death. In underdeveloped countries malnutrition is the biggest reason behind childhood mortality, in developed countries malnutrition is present in children in the form of obesity. The consequences of malnutrition in early childhood can be alarming and these consequences can be seen early or late. The components of food like vitamins, minerals and protein are important for proper functioning of body and in the absence or shortage of any food component the body can suffer through several diseases, disorders and conditions.

How to avoid malnutrition in children

A healthy child needs a balance of vitamins, minerals, protein, carbohydrates and fats in the diet, along with these essential nutrients he should consume plenty of fluids and eat fiber rich food to fulfill the need of water and fiber in the body. The recommended dietary allowance should be met for each nutrient to sustain good health, though no one can take food with precise measurement of the RDA, there should have to be an overall balance. A person who eats servings of fruits, vegetable, meat and dairy daily do not need to be worry about the nutritional balance but those people or those kids who continuously avoid food from any food group can suffer from various diseases due to inadequacy or excess of nutrients.

Facts about malnutrition in children

Malnutrition can be dangerous for health and according to World Health Organization malnutrition is the biggest cause of mortality in the underdeveloped countries. Energy from fats and carbohydrates is the only nutrient that is cheaply available in the underdeveloped countries like Kenya, Nigeria and Pakistan, food that contain healthy nutrients like vitamins and minerals are expensive and poor people cannot afford them. In India alone 50 %of deaths in children are attributed to malnutrition and according to UNICEF malnutrition is more common in India than in Africa. One in every three malnourished children in the world lives in India.Bones diseases

Malnutrition causes Bones Diseases in children

Bones diseases and disorders are commonly seen in malnourished children. Bones deformities and bones depletion causes immobility and permanent handicapped children, this need to be treated as soon as possible. Essential minerals like calcium, phosphorus and the deficiency of vitamin D can cause deformed bones, abnormal posture and gait, physical immobility and disability, spinal deformities, and or bones fracture in children.

Metabolic disorders in children

Metabolic disorders like obesity are also common in malnourished children. In developed countries children who consume junk food instead of healthy food in their regular diet are more prone to obesity.  Obesity is a serious killer and childhood obesity leads to more serious threats like diabetes, coronary diseases and cancer.

Dental problems and malnutrition

Dental problems may also arise due to malnourishment in children. Calcium in sufficient amount is required to have healthy teeth and floss, when calcium is low in the body the floss, gums and teeth get affected. You might be taking food to satisfy your appetite but the food you are eating is not well-nourished. A well-nourished diet should have food that contains elements like vitamins D, phosphorus, zinc, calcium and iodine.  A diet that contains all the essential nutrients will help in the proper building of your dental structure, in the early years of life the dental structure is in the process of formation and one should take a healthy diet to help build healthy teeth.

Other risk factors

Other risk factors of poor nutrition in children can be infections, weakness and susceptibility to diseases. Malnourished children tend to get ill more often and they catch germs of seasonal diseases readily because their defence system in the body is not very strong.



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