Cerebral Palsy in Infants: Types, Prevention and Cure

Your baby went through oxygen deficiency during birth and due to the deficiency part of his brain got damaged; he cannot control his muscles, he is spastic and is going through cerebral palsy. This was what my paed told me and I was like what he is saying all about; spastic, cerebral palsy, oxygen deficiency what’s this all about. My baby was fine when he born in the hospital  a child specialist checked him and he told us that everything is fine but why the doctor is saying this now. It was a shocking news for me and my family.

My baby got birth from C-section because he was breech, at the time of birth everything was normal except his position. When he came into this world he cried and took breath and we were satisfied. After few days I observed that he use to move his body backwards while laying down. I could not understand that there is something abnormal until he got three months old. He was unable to hold his head and he could not hold things in his hands. This is how I recognize that something is odd and I talked to the pediatrician  after few checkups he told me that my baby is experiencing cerebral palsy CP and this is spastic cerebral palsy.

What is Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral palsy is a condition through which children can experience; in this condition the child has little or no control over movement, posture and balance. There can also be mental problems like low IQ and the child can also have low vision. Cerebral palsy results from damage to the brain during , before or after delivery.

What I did when I knew that my baby is experiencing Cerebral Palsy

I talked to the pediatrician and he advised me to talk to a physiotherapist and give some therapies to my baby. The physiotherapist told me that my baby is having mild cerebral palsy (a blessing from God that it was not moderate or severe). The therapist gave him regular therapies for two weeks and then he called me to come on alternate days; within no time my baby was able to sit, roll and hold his feeder. This was great for me as I was overwhelmed when I first knew that he is experiencing CP. Physiotherapy is I think the best cure for CP patients.

My advice and experience for mothers

  1. Cerebral palsy is a neurological disease and you cannot turn the conditions back to treat the damage that has been occurred to the brain but you can do your efforts to make your baby behave (both physically and mentally) like a normal baby.
  2. You should help your baby to achieve milestones that he cannot achieve otherwise. You can help him cover the developmental delays. He will become as normal as other babies are but it needs lots of patience and support from your part.
  3. As a mother you should understand the fact that it’s better that your children get training in early years of his life because as he will grow up it will become difficult for him to learn things. When we get older our muscles looses the elasticity and we cannot learn to control our muscles. When children are young people do not know about their gait or speech problem but as they get older any abnormality become visible so its better that as a baby your child learn things that are important to survive.
  4. You should talk and give time to your baby if he is experiencing CP, as talk can help him learn speech and your care and attention can make him feel better. You should keep him engaged in activities, play with him and give him plenty of toys. Babies learn best from toys as toys are fun to play and in fun they learn different things like holding, gripping, catching and sitting.
  5. Do not let your baby unattended because your baby is lower than his age and he can do anything that can hurt him so be attentive to him.
  6. One thing important is that you should keep the weight of your baby normal so that he can learn to sit, roll and walk. When the baby is overweight he cannot manage to learn these things fast, already your baby is experiencing developmental delays you should not let it delay more due to the weight.

Types, treatment, Prevention and cure of Cerebral palsy


There are basically three types of cerebral palsy; spastic, athtoid and ataxic. As far as severity is concerned again there are three types of cerebral palsy; mild, moderate and severe. Cerebral palsy is the most evidenced type of birth abnormality in children and among all types of cerebral palsy spastic cerebral palsy is most common.


No one can assure you completely that your child will not suffer from any abnormality. Birth defects and abnormalities are common and often even the cause is unknown. To prevent cerebral palsy you can do the following.

  1. During pregnancy the mother should avoid use of tobacco, other drugs or alcohol.
  2. Newborn jaundice can also become cause of cerebral palsy so if your baby gets jaundice treat it as early as possible. When the jaundice become high it can damage brain.
  3. Take care of the baby once he is born as any injury during early months can be dangerous. Injury can damage brain and can cause cerebral palsy in the baby.
  4. During first, second and third trimester talk to your gynecologist about the care and precautions you should take to prevent any damage to your baby’s brain.
  5. Cousin marriage can also be the reason behind several diseases including cerebral palsy in newborn babies. Several cousin marriages in a family can lead to several problems in babies including abnormalities.

Treatment or cure

There is no successful treatment of the damage that has occurred to the brain what doctors can do is they can minimize the abnormality that has been resulted due to the brain damage. Doctors often suggest physiotherapy and exercise. There are some drugs but those drugs are not that successful.




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