Knowing Research

This category has everything you need to know about Research basics, history, steps, definitions, applications, characteristics and research types.

Why Market/Business Research?

Marketers know how important it is to do market research and what is its significance to their business. In today’s world, variety and change are the two words that describe market better than any other and the marketer needs to keep an eye on the competitors policies and consumers change perceptions and demands. The marketer needs to be proactive then …

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Why a Research Paper is Important

As a student you might think why a research paper is important? there are many reasons a research paper is important to you. The skills that you learn from writing a research paper cannot be learned from other academic writings. These skills that you will develop from writing a research paper will help you in achieving academic success. Good reading …

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Five Steps to Writing a Research Paper

There are five steps to writing a research paper that every student should follow. In every course or subject research paper are assigned to the students so that they learn to undertake a study by themselves to present their material to critically evaluate a topic For the first time students find some of the steps quite difficult to undertake but …

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How to Manage Time in Writing a Research Paper

You need to be a little skillful to be able to manage time in writing a research paper. It isn’t necessary that you have a lot of knowledge of your research topic to manage your time and other resources while writing the research paper. A person with lesser knowledge of the research topic can manage time in writing a research …

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What a Research Paper is Not?

A research paper is not anything other than what a research paper is and should be. If you have read my article on What is a Research Paper you will definitely not make the mistake of thinking that a research paper is anything following: A summary of previously written book or paper A research paper is not a summary of …

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What is a Research Paper?

What is a research paper? Generally speaking, the answer can be that it is a creative and original interpretation of your own search of knowledge related to a specific topic. A research paper is an essay but it is an expanded essay with ¬†different aims that includes: to write an original piece of writing, to document all the sources that …

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Kinds of Research

There are various kinds of research and they are classified in those classes on the basis of their application and usage. Pure research The aim of the pure or basic research is to find knowledge for the sake of further knowledge that can then be applied to the general audience. The findings of pure research cannot be applied to the …

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Types of Research Objectives

Research objectives There are two types of research objectives; primary and secondary objectives. Research objectives describe what the researcher wants to achieve from the research/study. They are formulated after the research problem is finalized. They provide meaning and defines the research to the readers. Their purpose is to find answers to the research problem. The importance of research objectives They …

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Types of Research Studies

Research Studies

There are various types of research studies and they have been categorized on several bases. However, the different types of research studies are different in perspective but the main goal is to gather facts and figures to get some information about a phenomenon, situation, people or object. Types of research studies Below are listed some types of research studies from …

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Difference Between Basic and Applied Research

basic and applied research

When it comes to the applications of research the research can be classified into basic and applied research. The students are often confused that what will be the application of their research and what can be the scope of their research. Most of the research that is conducted by the students lies in the applied research while researches conducted by …

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