A Guide on How to Write a Research Paper

Research Writing

How to write a research paper? this is a daunting question for most of the new researchers because writing a research paper involves as much precision as undertaking it. Too many novice researchers make mistakes in documenting paper which ruins the whole research. To write a research paper, they should have some knowledge of the writing style that is acceptable …

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What is the Best Questionnaire Format for Research Surveys


What is the Best Questionnaire Format A questionnaire comprises of a series of questions asked from the respondents in order to investigate any phenomenon, situation, fact, or figures. Though its use is more common in research studies and in statistics but sometimes questionnaire is used just to get fun answers. The first questionnaire was first developed by Sir Francis Galton. …

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Characteristics of Research

Characteristic of Data

Research is a scientific inquiry the aim of every research is to add to the available knowledge. Regardless of any methodology or approach, every research should confirm to the scientific and research standards. These standards are called the characteristics of research. Definitions of research More than hundreds of definitions of research have been available in written form in different books, …

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Comparison Between ArrayList and LinkList

I have seen Java developers are confuse when they need to use collections, especially when there are multiple option. Without knowing the detail of Collections you want to use would make selection harder. Here we go when you need to select either ArrayList or LinkList. Using LinkList and ArrayList is pretty much same except few things to consider, Array List …

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