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Kind of Notes for the Research Paper

There are basically four kinds of notes for the research paper that you might need to take. What kind of note do you need to take is a matter of your research paper requirement. You can also use a combination of any two types of notes for your research paper. The four kinds of notes for the research paper include paraphrase, …

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How to Cite Newspaper Articles?

To understand how to cite newspaper articles one needs to know the elements of citation that are present in the newspaper. Every newspaper has a name, the articles have a title and author name, editor name and page numbers. There are certain guidelines to follow to cite these elements when you are using a newspaper article in your research. You …

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Why Market/Business Research?

Marketers know how important it is to do market research and what is its significance to their business. In today’s world, variety and change are the two words that describe market better than any other and the marketer needs to keep an eye on the competitors policies and consumers change perceptions and demands. The marketer needs to be proactive then …

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Writing Style in a Research Paper

The writing style in a research paper should be one that focuses on the clear communication, straightforwardness and free of bias. Writing a research paper is quite different from writing any other work, you have to follow a specific style of writing through out your research paper. In order to be more accurate ask your teacher about any questions that …

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Difference Between Concepts and Variables in Research

Concepts and variables are mental images; concepts are highly subjective and cannot be measured unless they are operationalized while variables can be measured on one of the statistical scales. to understand concepts and variables let’s read about them in detail. What are concepts? Concepts are highly subjective in nature and that makes it difficult to use them as they are …

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The Placebo Design in Research

The placebo design in research is a type of experimental study design. The aim of a placebo design in research is to know the effectiveness of a program or treatment through the use of a placebo group. A placebo group usually get an ineffective treatment or no treatment; for example, in one experiment the experimenter gives the treatment pills to …

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The Prospective Study Design in Research

The prospective study design studies the impact of a phenomenon, situation, program, attitude or problem in the future. Most of the studies that are conducted using the prospective study design are also classified as experimental studies since the aim of the investigator is to wait for the impact of a program or a situation to see the results on the …

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Types of Observation in Social Science Research

alien research

There are two types of observation in social science research: participant observation and non-participant observation. The purpose of both types of observation is to collect primary data from the respondents or sample. What is observation? In social science research, the researcher can collect data using various sources: primary or secondary and sometimes there are tertiary sources as well. Observation is …

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Ordinal Scale in Research Methodology

The ordinal scale ranks the individuals, responses or objects into sub-categories and it also makes it possible to rank these sub-categories into some order of magnitude. This property of ordinal scale, to rank objects in some order, makes it different from the nominal scale.  It does not quantify “how much” different in magnitude each sub-category is from the other. For …

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A Guide on How to Write a Research Paper

Research Writing

How to write a research paper? this is a daunting question for most of the new researchers because writing a research paper involves as much precision as undertaking it. Too many novice researchers make mistakes in documenting paper which ruins the whole research. To write a research paper, they should have some knowledge of the writing style that is acceptable …

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