How to reduce the risks of obesity in children

Diet Food

Obesity is one of the most important reasons behind childhood death around the world. Childhood obesity is more dangerous than adult obesity. Obesity can increase the risks of type II diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and hypertension. You should overcome even the slightest chances of obesity for the sake of your child’s health. A simple yet most difficult way to overcome or …

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Tips for making the best snacks for obese children at home

Obesity leads you into trouble as what to give to your children and what to not. You need to avoid all those fried, sugary and refined food that your child loves to eat. You should give only homemade snacks to your children. In homemade snacks try to use as much healthy ingredients as possible. There are lists of healthy food …

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What are the reasons behind childhood obesity

Childhood obesity has become a common concern nowadays. You can find obese children everywhere from schools to parks, to shopping malls and streets. Health practitioners, researchers and parents are in constant effort to find a solution to this problem. Obesity leads to several other major problems in children. Obesity is so dangerous that it can even cause death. There can …

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