How to Prevent the Signs of Premature Aging

Fight Premature Aging

Premature aging is one of the growing concerns nowadays. Nobody can live forever and nobody can stop the process of aging but premature aging can be stopped and can be delayed for some time. Wrinkles, dark circles, pigmentation and rough skin are all sign of premature aging. There is not a single reason behind premature aging but many. Most of …

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10 foods you must eat to lose weight

You will read plenty of posts related to foods that you should not eat while losing weight. Few posts are written about foods that should be eaten to lose weight. It is true that you have to avoid several foods if you want to lose weight but there are several other foods that can be eaten to facilitate weight loss. …

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10 reasons why people fail to lose weight

Success in life does not come only with making bigger and better plans but by following the plans. We all want to maintain a healthy weight and for this purpose we make several plans but very few of us follow these plans. Last month I decided that I will start drinking green tea to lose extra belly fat, I gained …

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The government should ban the sale of junk food in elementary schools

Junk food, fast food, cheap food or killer food whatever you call it is the most harmful food for kids. You can also call it easy food because it is easily available everywhere, it is easy to eat it anywhere and easy to purchase it with minimum money. The ease and convenience has made it so popular that kids often …

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How to knead the best pizza dough

Whenever I ate pizza at my favorite pizza shop I wondered at the quality of the pizza bread. I could never achieve similar crunch, crisp and bubbly effect in my pizza bread that I baked at home. With years of searching different chefs’ recipes for making pizza bread I am now well aware of the qualities that pizza dough should …

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Tips to knead the best pizza dough at home

Pizza is the world’s most famous cuisine, containing a bread, some sauce and some topping. In large pizza chains like Domino’s and Pizza Hut there are several machines that knead the dough for pizza crust. These machines bring consistency in the dough each time it is kneaded. In homes you cannot achieve similar elasticity, softness and puffiness in the pizza …

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10 foods you must avoid to lose weight

Food to Avoid

I am quite afraid of gaining weight, weight loss is a cumbersome task, obesity is far more dangerous for your health than being a little overweight. This article is for all those people who are either obese or who do not want to be obese. Current statistics reveal that the rate of obesity is increasing manifold around the world. The …

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Best diet plan for obese children

Fast food and Obesity

Diet is the most important factor in obesity. The choice of food affects your weight, health and quality of life. A diet rich in fatty and sugary food can increase the risk of obesity manifolds. From early childhood parents should give only healthy food to their children. Clinically a child is thought to be obese if his/her BMR is above …

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How obesity affects your life

Facing the world with obesity is not that easy, obesity can make your life difficult but the good thing is that obesity is preventable. Obesity can lead you into many social, physical and psychological problems. Social problems and obesity: Obese people find it difficult to face social gatherings because lots… How obesity affects your life How obesity affects your life …

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Parental advise: How to prevent obesity in children

Children are more prone to weight gain than adults. There are many reasons for increased children obesity statistics and some of these reasons include poor diet and lack of activity. These are not the only reasons behind obesity and one should also understand the uncommon reasons that can also cause obesity. Statistics say that one in every 7 children is …

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