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Nutrition and Health

Nutrition and Health

Why You Should Avoid Fast food

Fast foods to avoid

We talk much about fast food and their health concerns, but very few of us avoid fast food in reality. Call it a trend, a fashion, a taste bud drive, or a jolt from your stomach that makes fast food so palatable. We can’t say no to a platter of Mac burger and fries as it so tangy and fiery. …

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How to Avoid Food Wastage in Kitchen

ways to avoid food wastage

Food wastage is a common concern of every household, we all waste food during cutting, cooking or serving food. Food wastage can be avoided and it can help you save money. You should know some creative ways to treat the food that remains in the kitchen. Some housewives garbage food items that are left during the cutting or cooking of …

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What makes a Food Super Food?

Super delicious food

Superfood has gained great hype in recent years, some call superfood the most beneficial food that can confer health benefits while others think that it is just another marketing hype. Most of the nutritional benefits that superfood render was already known for several years but in recent years it has been recognized that these foods can provide not only general …

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Why you should Buy Organic Food

Organic Food

What is organic food? Organic foods are those foods that have been cultivated or raised in the natural settings, no chemicals, additives, preservatives, insecticides and pesticides have attacked or influenced the food. In general, as these foods have been raised in a natural manner, therefore, these foods contain more nutrients and less harmful chemicals. Harmful chemicals present in inorganic food …

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Who should Take Dietary (Foods) Supplements

Dietary Supplements

Food supplements are dietary supplements that are added to the diet to improve the nutritional balance in the body. Basically we fulfill most of our nutritional requirements from food but sometimes our diet could not fulfill the requirement of every mineral, vitamin or carbohydrates and we need to add supplements to our diet to ensure that we have taken all …

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How to Preserve Food using Natural Food Preservatives

Drying is an oldest way of food preservation

Food preservation is something that has been practiced since ages, in Egyptian times people used oil, salt and sugar to preserve food. The history of food preservation is as old as humanities. Prehistoric people preserved meat by the help of salt and oil. Men utilized nature to preserve food; in winters prehistoric men used ice as a preservation tool and …

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How to knead the best pizza dough

Whenever I ate pizza at my favorite pizza shop I wondered at the quality of the pizza bread. I could never achieve similar crunch, crisp and bubbly effect in my pizza bread that I baked at home. With years of searching different chefs’ recipes for making pizza bread I am now well aware of the qualities that pizza dough should …

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Tips to knead the best pizza dough at home

Make Pizza

Pizza is the world’s most famous cuisine, containing a bread, some sauce and some topping. In large pizza chains like Domino’s and Pizza Hut there are several machines that knead the dough for pizza crust. These machines bring consistency in the dough each time it is kneaded. In homes you cannot achieve similar elasticity, softness and puffiness in the pizza …

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