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Cerebral Palsy in Infants: Types, Prevention and Cure

Your baby went through oxygen deficiency during birth and due to the deficiency part of his brain got damaged; he cannot control his muscles, he is spastic and is going through cerebral palsy. This was what my paed told me and I was like what he is saying all about; spastic, cerebral palsy, oxygen deficiency what’s this all about. My …

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What are the principles of Professional Ethics


Professional ethics are the moral attitude, behavior and code of conduct that the professionals have to follow while working in any profession. Every profession has some code of conduct and it is necessary that the professional people know about these code of conduct and try to obey to them. Every company should have ethical, moral and legal rules that the …

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Causes and Solutions of Juvenile Delinquency

Juvenile crime

Juvenile delinquency is also known as teenage crime. It is like any crime that human beings commit but these crime differ becasue they are committed by young people. Before coming of age girls and boys have less understanding of the world. Parents, friends and teachers are all responsible along with the juvenile who commit a crime. This is why courts …

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How do you get a Baby Sleep Through the Night

Baby sleeping

Having a baby is the most precious experience one can ever have in life. Babies especially infants sleep for more than 18 hours during the day and night. They develop sleep pattern and most of the babies follow that pattern. There are some babies who do not sleep for long time and they keep on crying when they are awoke …

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How to teach Children Not to Tell Lies

All children lie at some time in life, this is often temporary and they stop telling lies as they grow up. Children are not aware that they are doing something against the norms of society. They do it for many reasons but they learn the importance of telling the truth soon. Sometimes children do not stop telling lies and they …

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How to Write Great Articles Online

Online Article Writing

So many of us are good at writing and we want to make it our profession. Professional writing can be of various forms; you can write for a local newspaper, magazine or newsletter and become a journalist; you can do freelance writing online; you can provide service to the students by writing essays or research work or you can do …

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Step-by-Step of Writing a Good Essay

Essay Writing

Essay writing is one of the major part of academic education. Essay and essay writing is done in different stages of academic life. Essay writing is also done in postgraduate studies and scholars have to write essay papers too. Essay papers are like essays but they are more specific and they require great research, analysis and explanation. This article will …

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How to Write a Good Essay

Easy Eassy Writing

How to write an essay? How to write an essay outline? How can I write a good essay? And what are the steps in writing essay? These questions often arise in students’ mind. The answer to these questions is simple you have to follow simple rules of writing essays. These rules will help you a lot in organizing your thoughts …

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How to make cornhusk flowers

Cornhusk is easily available from craft stores you can even get fresh cornhusk if you have a corn field nearby. Cornhusk lends itself to many variations when it comes to making flowers. You can make a sunflower, jasmine, marigold or rose from cornhusk. You need very simple material other than cornhusk to make flowers. Most of these materials are present …

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How to purchase the best gift for your husband

You want to buy the perfect gift for your hubby, all you need to do is put some thought. Some people believe that buying a gift for men is easier as compared to buying a gift for women, to some extent it is true. Men admire similar possessions as compared to women but, still there are exceptions and personal likes …

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