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Career Information for English literature Graduates

Boys and girls who have recently graduated in English literature have a great scope in freelance jobs online; they can also find great opportunities in full time jobs. Today there are great many jobs that require people who have skills in English writing, editing, proofreading, teaching and copywriting. The jobs are not limited to those I have mentioned here, there are hundreds of other opportunities. You just have to prove that you have the desired skills. In online jobs you do not need a great resume, rather, you have to pass the interview and this is a great opportunity for all those graduates who could not get good grades but otherwise they are good.

Online jobs


Plagiarism is a big issue in online writing and many young graduates become copywriters. Copywriting helps the writer get full ownership of his work and no one else can copy it.


Many freelance websites offer full time and part time proofreading jobs. A proofreader reads the whole content and edit it for any grammatical errors. Many writers or websites hire proofreaders who can help them in editing the text. A proofreader should not only have good English but he should have knowledge of the topic that he is going to proofread.


Editing jobs are not limited to online websites only but a graduate can become an editor of a newspaper, magazine, journals, newsletter or other publications.


To get a job of a critic is not that easy and it requires experience but once you show your potential you can become a critic.


Translators can get job on any freelance writing websites. Those graduates who know several other languages other than English can especially get benefit from their skill and they can become efficient translators.

Search engine optimization

When it comes to online jobs for English language graduates search engine optimization is perfect job. Search engine optimization depends a lot on good English skills. An English literature graduate will know how to title the content, how to give headings, how to make paragraphs, what should be emphasized and what should be not. An English literature graduate can also understand what keywords should be included in a content and what should be not. Various freelancing websites offer jobs of search engine optimization daily and it is a great opportunity for the graduates.


Blogging is something that is most creative job that is fun to do. You can create your own blog and you will be bale to write at any time and at any place. You should have the ability to develop topics that you can share with other people. Blogging is just like writing a diary so it depends on you what you want to write in the diary.


Technical writing

There are companies who want to get help for writing technical information about their products, goods or services. Technical writing is required in any field including but not restricted to computer hardware, software, engineering and medical science. Technical writers have great scope today and they usually get high wages since it is a specialized form of writing.

Creative writing

Creative writing is another very important field of writing. Creative writers write any piece of writing except those that come under academic, technical or professional writing.

Business writing

Business writing requires writing letters, memo-grams  business letters or other business related writing. Business writing has great scope because today there is great competition among various businesses and businessmen want to have the best.

Biography writing

Biography writing can be another very fascinating profession that graduates can choose. They can contact any contractor that is available on the freelance websites or they can write biographies in print.

Novel writing

Novel writing is great but time consuming and hard working job. You have to have several skills if you want to earn through writing novels or stories. You have to have best English  grammar, creative skills and you should be able to make a story. The success of your novel also depends on your luck, efforts and readers’ likes and dislikes.


There are various publishing companies that publish books, novels, journals, magazines and other written work. A graduate can become a publisher or he can work for a publishing company.


Teaching is a very common profession that most graduates choose. Teaching is a very respectable professional and you can earn a handsome amount from it. The best part is that you have to give less time and you will feel more satisfied as you are imparting knowledge to other people. Teaching also requires skills like good English as well as good communication skills. You should also have ability to understand the students and to be cooperative with them.



Advertising industry also depends on people who have good English  People who can write the advertisements for them. You have to be a little creative to develop an advertisement or to write a jingle, a song or a poem for an advertisement.

Marketing writer

Marketing writers write different marketing campaigns, advertisements and website content. They edit, proofread and draft the marketing content. This is also a great job and very creative too. The marketing writer will handle all the literature that is required to sell the product.

Market survey

A graduate can also do surveys for the businesses to help bring positive changes in their products. The surveys can also be done to know consumers’ opinion about the products. This jobs requires lots of field work and outdoor activity. Social skills are also required for the job because the person surveying people will have to meet many people and persuade them to talk about the product.


People who are engaged in e-marketing have multiple of responsibilities. They have to create emails for the prospect buyers and answer their queries. They have to design e-marketing campaigns and design press releases. They also do computer aided designing for the company. They should have the skills of graphic designing, good English and an understanding of the statistical techniques to analyze and track the campaigns.

Social media

A social media job can be of different form and it may require you to write blogs, describe about the media, become a social media planner or become a social media analyst. Businesses can also hire you to manage their social media profiles.

Electronic media

On electronic media there are hundreds of jobs for the fresh graduates. With an English degree you can help write scripts for the media and you can even edit and proofread the scripts. You can become a publisher or copywriter and you can also manage events.

Comedy writer

Comedy writers have to write comics for sitcoms, long plays or for series.

Script writer

Script writer can write scripts for dramas, plays, series or for short plays.

Print media


The job for a columnist requires you to write daily or weekly columns for the newspaper. This job requires best English skills as well as you should have good writing skills. You should be able to generate topics for the column daily or weekly as it is required.


The editor has to edit the whole content of the newspaper or the content of a section; for example editing the sports section of the newspaper. The editor has great responsibilities as he has to edit the content not only for English but he has to check that the language is good and the content is ethical.



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