Why You Should Avoid Fast food

Fast foods to avoid

We talk much about fast food and their health concerns, but very few of us avoid fast food in reality. Call it a trend, a fashion, a taste bud drive, or a jolt from your stomach that makes fast food so palatable. We can’t say no to a platter of Mac burger and fries as it so tangy and fiery. …

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Why Reading to Children is Important

Reading by parents

Parents often ask from the teachers why reading to children is important? Reading is a habit that should be inculcated in your children, but how you can develop this habit in them. The best way is to read to them when they are not able to read, parents should start reading stories to their children as soon they reach the age …

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Best Health Books of All Time

The health books

Health books and health related literature should be read on a regular basis. Health books are a great source of knowledge regarding food, health, diseases and their prevention. There are millions of health books available on the internet, some of these books are really worth reading. Here is a list of all those books that you must read in order to …

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The Importance of Formulating a Research Problem

There are several benefits of formulating a research problem. The actual research begins with the formulation of a research problem. It makes you well aware of the tasks that you have to perform in order to accomplish the research. Research is a process that you have to complete in a sequence. A research problem helps you formulate that sequence. Research …

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Steps in the Formulation of the Research Problem

The research problem or the research questions should be formulated in a sequential manner. This will reduce the chances of ambiguities to a minimum. There is no hard and fast rule for formulating the research problem. One can adopt a logical manner to reach the desired research problem, objectives and research questions. Before deciding about the research area or the …

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How to Design a Research Questionnaire

Questionnaire template

The research questionnaire design is one of the most important elements in the success of your research. If you are using a research questionnaire as a tool in collecting data you should know the basics of questionnaire design. The questionnaire is one of the most powerful tools of survey research. Its use is more common in the social sciences and …

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Common Consequences of Malnutrition in Children


Malnutrition is the excess or inadequacy of basic nutrients in the body, this lack or excess of nutrients can cause several diseases. Some of these diseases are so severe that they can lead to death. In underdeveloped countries malnutrition is the biggest reason behind childhood mortality, in developed countries malnutrition is present in children in the form of obesity. The …

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A successful Story about Brain AVM Surgery

A brain surgery is definitely a big decision, especially when you have never experienced even hospitalization in your lifetime. The risk of surgery cannot be overlooked but in the absence of any other option you have to take the risks. My story is not a very different one, several people will have experienced brain surgery and the outcomes of it …

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How to Avoid Food Wastage in Kitchen

ways to avoid food wastage

Food wastage is a common concern of every household, we all waste food during cutting, cooking or serving food. Food wastage can be avoided and it can help you save money. You should know some creative ways to treat the food that remains in the kitchen. Some housewives garbage food items that are left during the cutting or cooking of …

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What makes a Food Super Food?

Superfood has gained great hype in recent years, some call superfood the most beneficial food that can confer health benefits while others think that it is just another marketing hype. Most of the nutritional benefits that superfood render was already known for several years but in recent years it has been recognized that these foods can provide not only general …

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