How to Write Literature Review in Research

literature review

One of the essential steps in conducting a research is to skim through the available literature in order to become acquainted with existing literature in your area of study. In today’s world addition to the existing literature is made on every day’s basis and it is very important to be familiar with what’s already done. When you start to write …

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What is Sampling


Sampling is the process of selecting a few from a large group. The bigger group is the population and the smaller group that is selected is sample. Sample, therefore, is a part of the population or the large group from which it is taken. Example Take an example you want to know the average age of the students in a …

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Sampling Terminologies

The process of selecting a sample can be made easier if you know some sampling terminologies related to sampling. Sample is  part of the population and to draw sample from the population you need to decide about the sample size. There is a formula to decide about the sample size. To find out sample size using that formula you need …

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Sampling Types in Research

sampling type

There are various sampling types and sampling techniques; these techniques have been categorized into three major categories for the ease of use. Random sampling Non-random sampling Mixed sampling Each of the above mentioned sampling types have several sampling techniques in them. Random sampling Random sampling is also called as probability sampling. In random sampling design every element of the population …

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Sampling Principles in Research

To make the process of sampling more accurate, valid and reliable some sampling principles can be used. The process of sampling in research is governed by three principles. It should be kept in mind that sampling can only provide an estimate of the population mean and population parameters and in majority of cases there will be some difference between population …

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Research Design and Its Selection

A research lacks direction in the absence of a clear research design. The researcher can easily deviate from what is required if he has not developed a study design. A research design or a study design is the most important aspect of the research endeavor. It encompasses the plan and the procedures that will enable you to achieve your goal. …

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Newborn Checklist for Travelling

newborn baby

Newborn checklist for travelling enlists all the things that you might need when you have to travel. You might need to travel in an emergency if you have a list of things you won’t forget anything important from keeping. Travelling with a newborn baby needs lots of preparation, for the baby is too young and you might not be able …

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Choosing the Right School for Your Child

School is the most important socialization agency after home, at times school plays such an important role in your life that it becomes primary. As a parent deciding about the right school is very important. Every parent wants to choose the best for their kids in life. Choosing the right school means that you have fulfilled half of your responsibility …

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Why Babies Cry

Why Babies Cry All babies cry and their crying helps you understand that your baby needs you. Crying is a blessing otherwise you won’t be able to understand that your baby is hungry, in pain or sleepy. At times parents can’t get why their baby is crying. It has been proved from several researches that babies don’t cry without any …

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How to trim your baby’s nails for the first time

Trimming your baby’s nails for the first time is not a difficult task. You should take some caution as newborn babies have soft and thin skin that can get trimmed along with the nail. A bruise or cut can bleed and hurt your baby. Parents are often excited about their newborn baby, especially if they are becoming parent for the …

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