Research Writing
Research Writing

A Guide on How to Write a Research Paper

How to write a research paper? this is a daunting question for most of the new researchers because writing a research paper involves as much precision as undertaking it. Too many novice researchers make mistakes in documenting paper which ruins the whole research. To write a research paper, they should have some knowledge of the writing style that is acceptable in the university or school which they are following. They should also be precise and accurate in documenting anything and everything.

This post will help you in writing your research paper for thesis and dissertations. Essentially, the format of the research paper is almost same in different disciplines, with very few differences. It depends on whether you are going to follow the MLA style of formatting or the APA or some other style of research writing. It is important that you remain faithful to one style of writing throughout the research paper. The research paper always has a logical step-by-step kind of organization.

It is important that you know in advance about every aspect of the research that you are going to document. You should also have knowledge of the style of formatting and citation that you are going to follow in your research paper. In general, every research paper has following parts (they are essential to every research).


Review of Literature

Research Methodology





The above-mentioned parts make the basic and the broad structure of your research paper. There might be other parts too included in your research paper which might include some or all of the following.


Table of Contents

Table of figures



The style of formatting and citation

To write a research paper, the researcher should also have knowledge of the citation style to be used in the research paper. It is important that you know which style of citation you are going to follow in your research. There are various styles of citation and every university and every academic discipline follows one for their research projects. In case, you do not know much about the citation you should read about the different systems of citation, some of them are as follows.

Harvard referencing system

Vancouver referencing system

Different systems for citation

An understanding of the systems of citation and the one that you are going to follow will help you throughout the research writing. You need to provide in-text as well as end references to make your research credible and authentic. Many students find the process of citation difficult, which can be made easier by keeping a record of each and every reference that you take from any source. The references should be written with the text to avoid any confusion while documenting them, in your research paper. A poorly cited paper can ruin an overall good research.



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